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A Sneak Peek Of The Upcoming Chuang 2021 Contestants

Chuang 2021 is the fourth season of Produce 101 China franchise produced by Tencent. The upcoming season of the show was officially announced in August 2020, which was titled “Chuang 2021″, not far off from its precedent show “Chuang 2020.”

The show announced that they would be recruiting more international trainees with Deng Chao officially announced as the show producer. At the end of the survival show, the an international boy band would make their debut comprising of the top ranked trainee.

With the international buzz for the show running at an all time high, let’s take a deep dive into what exactly the upcoming season of the survival show would look like.

Chuang 2021 Trainees

With the release of the new posters featuring both trainees domestically and internationally, we anticipate that Chuang 2021 will be attracting viewers from many countries!

Trainees from this year’s survival show would be coming not just from China but also Japan, Thailand and beyond.

Let’s take a walkthrough of some of the trainees who are already confirmed for the show.

Ah Ke Zhu Li


Dai Shaodong


Fu Sichao


Gan Wangxing


He Yifan


Li Zhengting


Liu Tanghui


Liu Cong


Liu Yu


Lu Dinghao


Qu Boyu


Ren Yinpeng


Shao Mingming


Wei Yujie


Wei Ziyue


Wu Hai


Wu Yuheng


Xie Xingyang


Yi Han


Yu Gengyin


Zhang Jiayuan


Zhang Teng


Zhang Xinyao


Zheng Mingxin


Zhou Keyu


Chuang 2021 International Trainees








Some may recognize Ikumi Hiroto for his participation in the Japanese version of Produce 101. The then 17 year old trainee was eliminated from the show, ranked 36. Some fans are anticipating his comeback in Chuang 2021, where he would be making his debut in the Chinese entertainment scene!






Taguchi Keiya is also another trainee who has competed in the Produce 101 Japan survival show alongside Ikumi Hirito. Though he was ultimately eliminated at rank 65 in the show, fans are also looking forward to his debut in China!















As you get yourself acquainted with the new batch of trainees, do take note that the list is non-exhaustive. Some trainees have yet to take their official portraits with the show, and you can look forward to even more contestants to watch out for!

Chuang 2021 Logo and Slogan


Chuang 2021 Initial Poster

Chuang 2021 Poster

Chuang 2021 Poster (English Version)

Chuang 2021 Logo

Chuang 2021 Logo Poster

Chuang 2021 Mentors

While no official announcement has been made about the official mentors of the show, it has been confirmed that the veteran show host and actor Deng Chao would be the “Initiator and group leader” of the new boy group. It seems likely that he would be taking the role of a mentor figure in the show, as he would be in charge of promoting the show internationally.

According to the Chuang 2021 Baidu page, it appears that fans can also look forward to appearances by the Chuang alumni groups Bon Bon Girls 303 and R1SE!

Are you excited for this upcoming season of Chuang 2021?

Comment below to tell us who are the trainees you are rooting for!

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