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Yang Mi Profile and Facts

Yang Mi Profile and Facts

Yang Mi

Name: Yang Mi 杨幂
Full name: 杨幂
English name: Mini Yang (better known as Yang Mi)
Nicknames: 幂幂 (MiMi)、小幂 (Little Mi)、狐小幂 (Little Fox Mi)、大幂幂 (Big MiMi)
Birthday: September 12th, 1986
Place of Birth: Beijing, China
Blood Type: B
Star Sign: Virgo
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Tiger
Height: 166.5cm (Baidu)
Weight: 46kg
Occupation: Actress, Producer, Singer
Agency: Yang Mi Studio / Jay Walk Studio 嘉行天下工作室 (Jiaxing Media)

Yang Mi Facts
– Yang Mi’s parents both have the same last name, Yang
– Her father was a police officer and her mother was a housewife.
– The actress grew up as a little girl in Beijing who loved ice skating, swimming, playing ping pong and badminton. Due to her active and can’t-sit-still personality as a child, her parents decided to sign her up for acting classes.
– At just 6 years old, the young actress got her start in the industry in Stephen Chow’s martial arts movie King of Beggars. It’s clear to say that the actress was destined for acting success since young.
– Yang Mi graduated from Beijing Film Academy
– In 2012, Yang Mi established an entertainment agency – now known as Jay Walk studios, in collaboration with H&R Century Pictures. The company also manages talents such as Dilireba, Vin Zhang, and Vengo Gao.
– Yang Mi personally mentors Dilireba!
– Her company produced her own drama series like The Interpreter and Eternal Love
– Yang Mi also sang various OSTs for a few of her drama series
– Yang Mi lent her voice to the Chinese dub of Kong Fu Panda 3 as MeiMei, making the movie the first Kong Fu Panda to get a Chinese release.
– Yang Mi is the brand ambassador for Michael Kors and Crocs
– In 2011 Yang Mi met her now ex-husband Hawick Lau on screen when they were both filiming television series Ru Yi, and the pair confirmed their relationship on Weibo in 2012.
– The on-screen off-screen couple announced their marriage in 2014, holding their wedding ceremony in Bali, where Hawick revealed that Yang Mi was already more than 3 months pregnant. Yang Mi’s close friend actress Tiffany Tang also attended the wedding.
– Yang Mi gave birth to a daughter, Noemi, on June 1st 2014 at the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital.
– Noemi’s official name has not been officially revealed, with the media nicknaming her as ”Little Glutinous Rice” 小糯米 (xiao nuo mi). Yang Mi’s mothering is a hotly discussed and speculated subject online as the actress is known to always be very busy throughout the year.
– The couple officially filled for divorce on December 2018
– Recently, the actress has been rumoured to be going out with actor Wei Daxun

Yang Mi Fandom Facts
– Yang Mi’s fans are called 蜜蜂 (mi feng), which literally translates to ‘Honey Bee’
– The fandom name is a play on the Mi character of her name
– It is also a short form for the phrase 为 (wei Mi er feng), which means ‘going crazy (feng) for Mi’

Yang Mi’s Social Media Accounts
@杨幂 YangMiBlog

Yang Mi’s Movies
Storm Eye | 2021
Assassin in Red | 2021
Liberation | 2019
Baby | 2018
Brotherhood in Blades II | 2017
Reset | 2017
Legend of Ravaging Dynasties | 2016
Kung Fu Panda 3 | 2016
Fall in Love Like a Star | 2015
You Are My Sunshine | 2015
The Witness | 2015
Cities in Love | 2015
Tiny Times 4 | 2015
Tiny Times 3 | 2014
The Breakup Guru | 2014
Snow Blossom | 2014
Tiny Times 2 | 2013
Tiny Times | 2013
Holding Love | 2012
The Bullet Vanishes | 2012
Wu Dang | 2012
Painted Skin: The Resurrection | 2012
Love in the Buff | 2012
All’s Well Ends Well | 2012
Mysterious Island | 2011
Easts Meets West 2011 | 2011
The Door | 2007
Singer | 2006
Beijing Fairytale | 2005
Heroes’ Calamities | 1993
King of Beggars | 1992

Yang Mi’s Drama Series
Eternal Love of Dream | 2020
Thank You Doctor | 2020
Storm Eye | 2020
Novoland: Pearl Eclipse | 2020
The Great Craftsman | 2019
Legend of Fuyao | 2018
Negotiator | 2018
Eternal Love | 2017
The Interpreter | 2016
Swords of Legends | 2014
The Four Scholars in Jianghan | 2014
A Clear Midsummer Night | 2013
Diors Man 2 | 2013
Ruyi | 2012
Beijing Love Story | 2012
Legend of the Military Seal | 2012
Palace II | 2012
Beauty World | 2011
Symphony of Fate | 2011
Expressway of First Empire | 2011
Painted Skin | 2011
Palace | 2011
Beauty’s Rival in Palace | 2010
The Dream of Red Mansions | 2010
Chinese Paladin 3 | 2009
Dark Fragrance | 2009
The Prince’s Education | 2008
Beautiful Life | 2007
Wang Zhao Jun | 2007
The Return of the Condor Heroes | 2006
Days and a Bureau | 2005
The Story of a Noble Family | 2004
Shuang Xiang Pao | 2004
Monkey Doll | 1993
Tang Ming Huang | 1993

Yang Mi’s Awards and Nominations
Weibo Awards Ceremony’s Weibo Goddess and Charity Influential Figure | 2020
Forbes China Celebrity List – 9th rank | 2019
Weibo Awards Ceremony’s Philanthropy Influential Figure | 2019
Tencent Video All Star Awards’ VIP Star | 2019
China Literature Award Ceremony’s Super IP Actress | 2019
COSMO Beauty Ceremony’s Shining Beautiful Idol | 2018
25th Beijing College Student Film Festival’s Favorite Actress | 2018
24th Huading Awards’ Best Actress | 2018
5th China Television’s Best Actress | 2018
15th Esquire Man at His Best Awards’ Most Popular Female Artiste | 2018
Youku Choice Awards’ Most Valuable Star | 2018
Tencent Video Star Awards’ TV Actress of the Year | 2018
50th World-Fest Houston International Film Festival’s Best Actress | 2017
3rd Jackie Chan Action Movie Awards’ Best Action Movie Actress | 2017
8th Macau International Television Festival’s Best Actress | 2017
1st Marinas International Film Festival’s Favorite Actress | 2017
COSMO Beauty Ceremony’s Beautiful Figure of the Year | 2017
2nd Weibo Movie Night’s Most Anticipated Actress | 2017
COSMO Beauty Ceremony’s Most Influential Idol | 2016
iQiyi All-Star Carnival’s Most Influential Film Actor of the Year | 2016
L’Officiel Fashion Night Influence Award’s Most Popular Actress | 2016
5th Beijing International Film Festivals’ Goddess Award | 2015
8th Mango TV Awards’ Most Popular Actress | 2015
15th Chinese Film Media Awards’ Most Anticipated Actress | 2015
17th Huading Awards’ Best Actress | 2015
Asian Influence Awards Oriental Ceremony’s Influence Film Force Award | 2015
The Women’s Media Award Influential Woman Award | 2015
3rd China International Film Festival London – Overseas Influential Award | 2014
Fashion Power Awards’ Most Popular Mainland Actress | 2014
Asian Influence Awards’ Best Producer | 2013
3rd Citizens’ Award – Citizen of the Year | 2013
13th Chinese Film Media Awards’ Most Anticipated Actress | 2013
8th Huading Awards’ Best Actress | 2012 (nominated)
26th China TV Golden Eagle Award Most Popular Actress | 2012
Beijing Pop Music Awards Most Popular Female New Singer | 2012
11th CCTV-MTV Music Awards’ Most Popular Female Singer (Mainland China) | 2012
6th Migu Music Awards’ Best-selling Original Soundtrack | 2012
17th Shanghai Television Festival’s Most Popular Actress | 2011
15th China Music Awards Best Television Actress (Mainland China) | 2011
MSN Fashion Party Awards’ Popular Celebrity Award | 2011
Dongfang Television Awards Most Commercially Valuable Actress | 2011
ELLE Style Awards – Newcomer of the Year | 2011
Beijing Television Entertainment Ten Year Influential Award Ceremony’s Popular New Star Award | 2011
3rd Actors of China Ranking | 2007 (nominated)


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