Angelababy Profile and Facts

Angelababy Profile and Facts

Name: Angelababy 杨颖 (Yang Ying)
Full name: Angela Yeung Wing
English name: Angela (better known as Angelababy)
Nicknames: Baby、小宝贝 (Little Baby)、大 宝贝(Big Baby)
Birthday: February 28th, 1989
Place of Birth: Shanghai, China
Blood Type: O
Star Sign: Pisces
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Snake
Height: 1.68m
Weight: 46 kg
Occupation: Actress, Model
Agency: Angelababy Studio

Angelababy Facts
– The actress is of mixed race. Angela was born to a Shanghainese mother and a father from Hong Kong. Her father is of half German and half Chinese descent.
– Angelababy grew up being very close to her maternal grandmother. As her parents were often busy with work, she started going home from school alone at the tender age of grade 1.
– The actress also has a brother who is 7 years younger than her, named Keven (Yang Fan)
– Angelababy moved to Hong Kong at age 13, and also signed a contract with a talent management
– Angela attended Sacred Heart Canossian Commercial School in Hong Kong.
– The actress went by her English name Angela since young, but people close to her found it hard to pronounce, and thus gave her the nickname ”Baby” since she had some baby fat during her primary and secondary school years.
– When the actress started emcee-ing for a Disney program, she combined the two names (her first name and her nickname) to avoid confusion – thus going by  “Angelababy”  as her stage name!
– The actress can speak 5 languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainese, English, and Japanese!
– In 2013, Angelababy was chosen by Southern Metropolis Daily as one of the New Four Dan Actresses, alongside YangMi, NiNi, and Liu Shishi
– Angelababy started participating in the variety show Keep Running / Running Man China since 2014. Due to the success of the show, her presence as a cast member sent her into a household name.
– She also appeared in music videos, such as JJ Lin’s “If Only” music video
– The actress has already made a break into Hollywood films like Hitman: Agent 47 (2015) and Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)
– The actress filled a lawsuit against Ruili plastic surgery clinic which posted an article on her plastic surgery failures.
– She even went to a doctor in Beijing to publicly examine her face (in front of her lawyer and the press) to verify that her iconic facial features were indeed natural. The doctor declared that she had never gone under the knife.
– In comparison to old pictures, Angelababy’s current facial features seem different, but that was due to having braces which changed her face shape.
– Asides from acting and modelling, Angelababy has took on many other business ventures. In 2015, she started her own venture capital fund AB Capital that invested in an ecommerce website and a drink brand.
– She also invested in several high profile businesses, such as a nail salon and a Hong Kong based cafe (called baby_cafe) with fellow Hong Kong actor Tong Leong Ka-fai.
– Angelababy started dating Huang Xiaoming, who is 11 years her senior, but their relationship was officially revealed to the public only in 2014.
– The two obtained their marriage certificate in Qingdao on May 27th, 2014, and their wedding banquet took place in Shanghai on October 8th the same year.
– The high profile couple’s wedding was reported to be one of the most lavish weddings in China’s history, with an estimated US$31 million spent. Angelababy reportedly spent more on her wedding than Kim Kardashian did.
– Angelababy gave birth to a son, nicknamed Little Sponge 小海绵 (xiao hai mian), on January 17th 2017 in Hong Kong.
– The actress is also noted for her philanthropy efforts. She and her husband donated the equivalent of US$2.6 million to a program that aids college graduates start a business or find employment. Most recently, the couple donated US$30,000 to the Wuhan Benevolent General Association in efforts to combat the coronavirus.

Angelababy Fandom Facts!
– Her fandom name is 杨家将 (yang jia jiang), which means “Warriors of the Yang family”.
– Angelababy’s surname and family nameis Yeung (Yang in Mandarin), so it fit and she also liked that the fandom name sounded powerful and glorious.
– Fans call Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy as the “Sponge couple” – 海绵夫妇 (hai mian fu fu).
Before publicly confirming their relationship and when rumors of their relationship still swirled, Angelababy would often mention the term “Sponge cake” on Weibo. The pronunciation of “Sponge cake” in Cantonese is similar to the Cantonese pronunciation of [brother] Xiaoming’s name (晓明大哥), which is why the HongKong media dubbed the pair as “Sponge couple” even after they got married.
– The pair’s son was thus nicknamed “Little Sponge”小海绵 (xiao hai mian)which also symbolized the couple’s love.

Angelababy’s Social Media Accounts
Instagram: @angelababyct

Angelababy’s Movies
I Remember | 2020
The Captain | 2019
Love 020 | 2016
Independence Day: Resurgence | 2016
Kill Time | 2016
See You Tomorrow | 2016
League of Gods | 2016
Mojin: The Lost Legend | 2015
Hitman: Agent 47 | 2015
Bride Wars | 2015
You Are My Sunshine | 2015
Running Man | 2015
Love on the Cloud | 2014
Rise of the Legend | 2014
Crimes of Passion | 2013
Together | 2013
Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon | 2013
Tai Chi Hero | 2012
Tai Chi 0 | 2012
First Time | 2012
A Simple Life | 2012
Love You You | 2011
Love in Space | 2011
The Founding of a Party | 2011
All’s Well Ends Well 2011 | 2011
All’s Well Ends Well 2010 | 2010
Hot Summer Days | 2010
Short of Love | 2009
Trivial Matters | 2007

Angelababy’s Drama Series
City of Desire | 2020
My True Friend | 2019
Entrepreneurial Age | 2018
General and I | 2017
Love Yunge from the Desert | 2016
Tweet Love Story | 2010

Variety Shows
Heartbeat Signal 4 | 2021
Keep Running | 2017-Present

Angelababy’s Awards and Nominations
Weibo Awards Ceremony’s Weibo Goddess | 2020
COSMO Glam Night’s Person of the Year (Dream) | 2019
16th Esquire Man at His Best Awards’ Most Popular Actress | 2019
Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers Awards – Most Charismatic Actress | 2019
Forbes China Celebrity List Rank 14 | 2019
12th Tencent Video Star Awards’ VIP Star | 2018
Weibo Awards Ceremony’s Philanthropy Contribution Award | 2018
Toutiao Awards’ All-Rounded Artist | 2018
Toutiao Awards’ Popular Actress of the Year | 2017
Toutiao Awards’ Most Commercially Valuable Celebrity | 2017
33rd Hundred Flowers Awards – Best Supporting Actress | 2016
Weibo Awards’ Ceremony Outstanding Charity Figure | 2016
8th Macau International Movie Festival’s Best Actress | 2016 (nominated)
19th Huading Awards’ Best Actress for Historical Drama | 2016 (nominated)
4th iQiyi All-Star Carnival’s Rising Achievement Award | 2015
COSMO Beauty Ceremony’s Beautiful Idol Award | 2015
Weibo Awards Ceremony’s Weibo Goddess and Weibo Queen | 2015
3rd iQiYi All-Star Carnival’s Asian All-Rounded Idol | 2014
21st Beijing College Student Film Festival’s Most Popular Actress | 2014
14th Chinese Film Media Awards’ Most Anticipated Actress | 2014 (nominated)
13th Chinese Film Media Awards’ Most Anticipated Actress | 2013
1st London International Chinese Film Festival’s Best Actress | 2013 (nominated)
9th Huading Awards’ Most Popular Actress Elected by Media | 2013
BAZAAR Jewelry Night’s Charity Star Award | 2013
Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers Awards – Most Charismatic Actress | 2013
MNET Asian Music Awards’ Best Red Carpet Style | 2012
China Fashion Power Awards – Trendy Public Figure | 2012

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