Dilireba Profile and Facts

Dilireba Profile and Facts

Name: 迪丽热巴 Dilireba
Full name: 迪丽热巴 · 迪力木拉提
English name: Dilraba Dilmurat
Nicknames: 小迪、胖迪、热巴 (reba)
Birthday: June 3rd, 1992
Place of Birth: Urumqi, Xinjiang, China
Blood Type:AB
Star Sign: Gemini
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey
Height: 1.69m, or 168cm (Baidu)
Weight: 47kg
Occupation: Actress, Model, Singer
Agency: Jay Walk Studio  (嘉行天下工作室)

Dilireba Facts
– The popular actress is of Uyghur ethnicity and can speak Uyghur
– Dilireba’s name in uyghur translates to “The lovely beauty”
– Growing up, the talented actress always had a love for the arts, proactively wanting to learn all sorts of musical instruments (piano, violin, guitar). She was influenced by her father who was a singer of a Xinjiang band
– She was accepted to the XinJiang arts academy for dance and became admitted as a member of the Xin Jiang Song and Dance troupe in 2007
– Dilraba’s father sent her to a professional dance school, where she learnt ballet and folk dance. She even studied for a year at Northeast Normal University’s College of Ethnic minorities
– However, Dilraba slowly realized that this wasn’t the path she wanted, and initially thought of entering a music school due to having a strong foundation in piano.
– The actress ended up graduating from Shanghai Theater Academy because she suddenly wanted to change her course to acting.
– In 2014, Dilraba signed a contract with actress YangMi’s media company, Jay Walk studios at age 19.
– The star gained a surge in popularity for her variety show presence when she joined the 5th season of Keep Running/Hurry Up, Brother
– Forbes China listed Dilireba their 30 Under 30 List of 2017
– Although she’s one of the most in-demand Chinese brand ambassadors, the actress discontinued her contract with Dolce & Gabbana after the fashion house faced backlash due to their racist advertisement incident in China
– She has a fear of water (i.e.pools and the sea) because she almost drowned when she was little and she did not know how to swim until in 2018 when she finally mastered it
– August is Dilireba’s most favourite month of the year
– She hopes to have 3 kids in future, two daughters and a son
– She cannot wink with both eyes and has been trying her best to improve her winking (to no avail)
– She also sang OSTs for a couple of her drama series
– Dilireba is known for being a foodie at heart! She loves snacking
– Her favourite cartoon character is chibi Maruko-chan

Dilireba Fandom Facts!
– Dilireba’s fans are called 爱丽丝 (ai li si),which directly translates to “Alice”
– This fandom name is a shortform for “fans who love Dilireba” (爱迪丽热巴的粉丝 ai di li re ba de fen si), abbreviating into the 3 Chinese characters: 爱丽丝 ai li si
– Dilraba has quite a few nicknames: one of the most used being 胖迪 pang di, which literally translates to “fat/chubby di
– The actress explained on Weibo that she used to weigh only 43 kg at 18 years old, but gained weight after going to university, saying: “some of my fans started following me when I was 18, back then my face and head was small, then my face kept getting bigger and bigger (chubbier) hahaha”.
– “My name’s also too long to be called at times, so 胖迪 pang di is a lovely nickname my fans created for me, so I really like this cute nickname!”

Dilireba’s Social Media Accounts
Weibo: @Dear-迪丽热巴
Instagram: @dilrabaxx63

Dilireba’s Movies
Saga of Light | 2020
21 Karat | 2018
Namiya | 2017
Mr. Pride v Miss Prejudice |  2017
Fall in Love Like a Star | 2015

Dilireba’s Drama Series
Love Advanced Customisation | 2020
Eternal Love of Dream | 2020
Sweet Dreams | 2018
The Flame’s Daughter | 2018
The King’s Woman | 2017
Eternal Love | 2017
Pretty Li Huizhen | 2017
Hot Girl | 2016
Six Doors | 2016
The Ladder of Love | 2016
Legend of Ban Shu | 2016
Diamond Lover | 2015
The Backlight of Love | 2015
Cosmetology High | 2014
The Sound of Desert | 2014
V Love | 2014
Swords of Legends | 2014
Anarhan | 2013

Dilireba’s Awards and Nominations
Weibo Awards Ceremony’s Popular Artist of the Year | 2020
Weibo Awards Ceremony’s & Cosmo Glam Night’s Person of the Year | 2019
Tencent Video All Star Award’s VIP Star | 2019
Jinri Toutiao Awards Ceremony’s Most Noticed Female Celebrity | 2019
Powerstar Award Ceremony’s Most Popular Chinese Actress | 2019
China Entertainment Index Award’s Most Commercially Valuable Artist | 2018
Weibo V Influence Summit’s Top 10 Positive Energy Models | 2018
Golden Data Entertainment Award’s Hottest Actress Online and Actress with Highest Fan Appeal | 2018
Shanghai International Film and Television Festival Internet Summit’s Best Actress (Web drama) | 2018
12th China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival’s Most Popular Actress & Golden Eagle Goddess | 2018
Youku Choice Award’s Global Popular Idol | 2018
Powerstar Award Ceremony’s Most Popular Chinese Actress & Popular Star of the Year | 2017
8th Macau International Television Festival’s Best Supporting Actress  | 2017 (nominated)
10th Mango TV Awards’ Most Popular Actress | 2017
10th ELLE Fashion Awards’ Popular Idol Award | 2017
1st China Britain Film Festival’s Best Newcomer | 2016
23rd Cosmo Beauty Ceremony’s Young Idol Award | 2016
Chinese Campus Art Glory Festival’s Most Popular Role Model Artist | 2016
Fashion Power Awards’ New Artiste Award | 2014

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