Zheng Shuang Profile and Facts

Zheng Shuang Profile and Facts

Name: Zheng Shuang
Chinese name: 郑爽
Nicknames: 爽妹子 “Shuang Sister”、小爽 “Little Shuang”
Birthday: August 22, 1991
Place of Birth: Liaoning, Shenyang, China
Star Sign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Sheep
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 44kg
Occupation: Actress
Agency: None at the moment

Zheng Shuang Facts
– Zheng Shuang’s mother encouraged her to pursue performing arts since she was little, and her father is a businessman.
– The actress started studying at Beijing Film Academy at 16 years old and graduated in 2011
– She debuted and rose to fame from Meteor Shower, Hunan TV’s remake of the iconic Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden and inspired by Boys Over Flowers
Zheng Shuang was chosen as one of the “Four Dan Actresses” of the post-90s generation (Chinese: 90后四小花旦 – 90 hou si Xiao Hua Dan)
– This title references the 4 most bankable young and modern actresses from Mainland China. Zheng Shuang was chosen alongside Zhou Dongyu, Guan Xiaotong, and Yangzi.
– Zheng Shuang started a high profile relationship with actor Hans Zhang in 2009, but the onscreen-offscreen couple split up in 2014
– The actress also reportedly dated singer Tiger Hu in 2015
– She split up with manager boyfriend Zhang Heng in 2019 after dating for a year
– She was embroiled in a surrogacy controversy after her messy break-up with Zhang Heng
She lost all her brand collaborations and partnerships after the surrogacy scandal
– Currently, she has taken an indefinite hiatus from her entertainment career

Official Social Media Accounts
Weibo: @郑爽

Fandom Facts
– Zheng Shuang’s fans are called ” 正版 “(zheng ban)
– Her fandom name literally translates to “genuine version”, meaning original
– The Chinese character Zheng is a play on her last name Zheng
– The actress’ fandom name inspires fans (and herself) to be genuine versions of themselves

Drama Series

Youth Fight | 2019
River Flows to You | 2019
My Story For You | 2018
Hi, I’m Saori | 2018
Rush to the Dead Summer | 2017
Love O2O | 2016
The Three Heroes and Five Gallants | 2016
The Four | 2015
The Cage of Love | 2015
Love Weaves Through A Millenium | 2015
The Queen of SOP 2 | 2013
Secret History of Princess Taiping | 2012
War of Desire | 2011
Meteor Shower, Meteor Shower II | 2009, 2010


Wu Kong | 2017
No Limit | 2011
Mural | 2011

Awards and Nominations

Weibo Awards Ceremony Popular Artist of the Year | 2020
Golden Bud – The Fourth Network Film and Television Award Popular Actress of the Year | 2019
Sohu Fashion Award Fashion Figure of the Year | 2019
9th Macau International Film Festival Best Supporting Actress | 2017
Weibo TV Online Video Awards Most Commercially Valuable Actor | 2017
5th iQiyi All-Star Carnival Popular Actress Award | 2016
Baidu Knowledge 10th Anniversary Award Ceremony Most Shining Celebrity | 2015
13th Huading Awards Audience’s Favorite Actress | 2014
Asian Idol Awards Best Couple | 2013
2010 6th Hong Kong Film Directors’ Guild Award | 2012
31st Hong Kong Film Awards Best New Performer  | 2012
25th China TV Golden Eagle Award Best Actress | 2010


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