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Dylan Wang Hedi Profile

Dylan Wang Hedi (王鹤棣) is a Chinese actor born on December 20, 1998 in Sichuan Province, China.

Dylan Wang Hedi

In 2017, he made his debut through his participation in the survival show, “Super Idol” where he was officially crowned as the champion. He was casted in the lead role for the 2018 Chinese remake of the drama “Meteor Garden”, where he portrayed Daoming Si. The drama obtained commercial success, leading to his rise in popularity.

Profile and Facts

Dylan Wang

Name: Dylan Wang Hedi
Chinese Name: Wang Hedi(王鹤棣)
Nickname: Di Di (棣棣)
Birthday: December 20, 1998
Place of Birth: Sichuan, China
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Tiger
Blood Type:
Height: 183cm
Weight: 65kg
Agent: M.Y. Entertainment
Education: Sichuan Southwest College Of Civil Aviation
Occupation: Actor

Official Social Media Accounts

Weibo: 王鹤棣_Dylan
Instagram: dylan_wang_1220
Oasis: 王鹤棣_Dylan
RED: 王鹤棣_Dylan
Douyin (Tiktok): 王鹤棣_Dylan

Fandom Information

Fandom Name: Brothers 😎 (兄弟伙/兄棣伙)
Fandom Color: Ultra Violet purple 💜 (紫外光色)
Fan Chant: The vows of eternal love are ever changing are ever lasting and unchanging (海誓山盟, 棣久天长)



  • Hobbies: Playing basketball
  • Favorite basketball player: LeBron James.
  • Favourite Team: LA Lakers
  • He was the MVP for his school’s on the basketball team in both middle school and high school.
  • He is a native of Leshan City in Sichuan
  • Basketball position as a player: Point guard and small forward.
  • He was often the “face of the school” and selected to be on school admission posters for his course major.
  • He was the face of the flight attendant profession as well.
  • Won the Sichuan “Campus Celebrity” award in 2016.
  • Auditioned for the lead role of Meteor Garden in 2017, where he stood out from 30 000 applicants
  • He loves to gym and actively takes does bodybuilding
  • He is also a professional rapper with a single titled “MISS ME”
  • Favourite pet: Dogs
  • Favourite dog breed: Alaskan
  • Favourite food: Anything spicy
  • When texting on Wechat he prefers to send voice notes over typing messages.
  • He is a great cook.
  • Favorite color: black, white, grey.
  • Favourite movie genre: Anything related to crime and mystery
  • He describes his spirit animal as that of a Tiger, which also coincides with his Chinese zodiac sign.
  • Ideal Type For A Girlfriend: Girls who are cool, with their own distinct character, lively, and older than him. The age gap of 3 years would be best.


Ideal Type and Relationship History

  • He likes girls with their own distinct character, lively, and older than him. The age gap of 3 years would be best.
  • He was pictured with his rumoured girlfriend out on a date in 2020, though no confirmation has been made.
  • Fans ship him with actress Shen Yue as both shared some remarkable chemistry for their drama, Meteor Garden


Public Perception and Personality

  • His appearance is deemed to be the mix of “Eddie Peng Yuyang and Huo Jianhua.”
  • The apparent “bad boy” look was what made him suitable for the role of Dao Mingsi.
  • The role as Daoming Si showcased his potential for a more extroverted acting role.
  • The impression he gives the public is that of a “stubborn” but handsome boy who likes to win in everything.
  • The impression he left on the “Super Dimensional Idol” stage was that he had a good sense of fashion and humour.


Television Series

  • Our Southwest General University (我们的西南联大) as Cheng Jiashu (TBA)
  • Miss The Dragon (遇龙) as Yuchi Longyan / Long Yuchi / Long Yan
  • Cang Lang Jue (苍兰诀) as Dongfang Qingcang (TBA)
  • The Rational Life (理智派生活) as Qi Xiao (2021)
  • Ever Night 2 (将夜2) as Ning Que (2020)
  • Meteor Garden (流星花园) as Daoming Si (2018)


Variety Shows

  • The Irresistible (元气满满的哥哥) | 2020
  • Super Nova Games 2 (超新星全运会第二届) | 2019
  • The Inn 2 (亲爱的客栈2) | 2018
  • Super Idol (超次元偶像) | 2017



  • No Complains (不怨) as part of the movie Ever Night 2 (将夜2) OST | 2020
  • Miss Me | 2019
  • Grand China (大中国) | 2019
  • Magical Chinese Characters Theme Song (神奇的汉字 主题曲) | 2019
  • We Are Dreamers (真人秀) | 2017

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