Shen Yue and Jasper Liu Play Clean-Freaks In The Drama, “Use For My Talent”

When the temperamental boss who is a “clean freak” meets the “little sloppy” girl in the workplace how will love blossom between the two?

The answer lies in the modern-day workplace romance drama directed by Cai Cong, starring by Shen Yue, Jasper Liu Yihao and Dai Yunfan. The modern day comedy and romance drama co-starred by Yan Yu, Su Mendi will be airing on Mango TV at 20:00 on Sundays and Mondays!

Plot Overview

From the happy friends who are “incompatible” to the “Gu couple” who healed each other, the two co-workers from vastly different backgrounds end up meeting each other in a cleaning company. The slovenly lady and the neat freak discover that they are not at all outcasts like they have imagined. In meeting each other, they have found the meaning and value of life and dreams in their growth. 
Use For My talent
Everyone will meet a special person in their life, and this significant other can help to heal the bad memories from one’s past. “Use For My Talent” tells a heart-wrenching story of healing: Gu Renqi (portrayed by Jasper Liu), is born in an eccentric family and works in a robot cleaning company. He is considered an outcast with a serious cleanliness addiction. He called a “clean freak” who is seemingly arrogant and lives in isolation. Shi Shuang Jiao (portrayed by Shen Yue) was initially a strong girl who found work in the company right after her college graduation. Although she is kind, she developed a habit of being slovenly after her mother passed away in a car accident. She is viewed by others as the “little sloppy” girl.

As the two began to develop an understanding of work and life, the “small sloppy girl” Shuangjiao and the “clean freak” Gu Renqi slowly walked into each other’s hearts, warming each other’s soul and mending the broken parts of each other.
The two grow closer and eventually in love while at work. However, Gu Renqi and Shi Shuangjiao later realized that artificial intelligence could not completely replace cleaning services offered by humans. Thus, the two embraced a new plan. They both proceed to bring their high-end cleaning services to the homes of ordinary people, and strived to build health guards for thousands of households. In this process, the two gradually understood the meaning and value of cleanliness, and also found the direction of their lives.
shen yue jasper liu
Shen Yue and Jasper Liu play lovers in “Use For My Talent”

Unlike most romance dramas, “Use For My Talent” breaks the traditional sweet drama setting with the theme of bereavement and healing. Though the dust on the surface can be cleaned, what about the ones in their hearts? Each character in the drama has a dirty past and unfortunate encounters. However as shown in the drama, everyone ought to clean up more than the dust that’s on the surface. One should venture beneath to clean the dust that is also inside. Only by taking on an optimistic outlook on life can one clear out their “inner dust” and gain more clarity in life.

Cai Cong Is Appointed As The Director of The Drama

For most audiences, the name of the director Cai Cong is not unfamiliar. Cai Cong is known as “the up-and-coming female director born in the 1980s.” She has directed famous film and television dramas such as “The Cloud Is Overwhelming” and “Dark Cloud Meets the Moon”. She has accumulated rich experience in romantic dramas and is well received by the audience.

This time Cai Cong directed “Use For My Talent” the audience has long been expecting it. How will the arrogant hoss “Gu Renqi and the shabby “little sloppy” girl Shi Shuangjiao bring out the spark of love? What story will happen between the co-workers?

Shen Yue and Jasper Liu Work Together As An Onscreen Couple

Shen Yue and Jasper Liu Yihao’s first collaboration demonstrates a different type of chemistry.
As an urban inspirational romantic drama full of sweetness, the one that attracts the most attention from the audience is the “Gu couple” pairing. It is reported that “Use For My Talent” is the first collaboration between Shen Yue and Liu Yihao. Judging from the exposed tidbits, posters, and comments from netizens, Shen Yue, who is feminine and full of youth, alongside Liu Yihao, who is radiant with a smile on has caused much anticipation for the show.
Although this is the first collaboration between the two on screen, Shen Yue and Jasper Liu Yihao have already accumulated a robust amount of experience in romance dramas.

Shen Yue ‘s Past Dramas

shen yue use for my talent
Shen Yue plays “Shi Shuang Jiao”

The actress rose to popularity due to her role as Chen Xiaoxi in “A Love So Beautiful”. Her aura of acting and girly appearance made her win the love of countless netizens. Shortly after, she also appeared in the new version of “Meteor Garden”. This time, as a “cleaner girl”, how will she charm her audience into loving her new role?

Jasper Liu’s Past Dramas

jasper liu yihao

Jasper Liu has previously starred in the hit Taiwanese TV dramas “Twelve Legends” and “I Am Sorry, I Love You”. His international breakthrough role was through the movie “More Than Blue”. Jasper Liu Yihao has stood out because of his warm voice and sunny appearance. In “Use For My Talent”, he turns into a “Clean-Freak”. Once again he will take on will a completely different image from the past. How will he express his love to the girl he likes?
A sweet young lady is paired alongside her seemingly temperamental boss. Such a setting provides a perfect opportunity for the pair to develop their on screen chemistry. Judging from show trailers, the couple will confess to each other, and even kissing in elevators, sofas, and at work. The sweetness of Shen Yue and Jasper Liu Yihao’s couple pairing is off the charts!
The drama will grow to prove that clean freaks will never have to feel like outcasts. Even more so, it also demonstrates that sloppy girls can also find the love of her life. The misfortunes that have been caused by family or life will always be cured by another person. This is the meaning of love and dreams.
Remember to tune into Mango TV and watch “Use For My Talent” every Sunday and Monday night at 20:00.
As the saying goes, every one of us has dust in our hearts, and it’s about time we clean it up!

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