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Jasper Liu
Jasper Liu

Jasper Liu Yihao (刘以豪) is Taiwanese actor born on August 12, 1986. He is an actor, singer and former model. He was also formerly the leader of the rock band, Morning Call.

He first made his debut in the media industry through participating in a modelling contest. He secured second runners up in the competition and explored a career in entertainment. He starred in his first drama, “Magic 18” in 2009. Jasper Liu made his big break in the romance movie, “More Than Blue”. He later released his first solo EP in 2020 titled “U”.


Jasper Liu Yihao
Jasper Liu Yihao

Name: Jasper Liu
Chinese Name: Liu Yihao (刘以豪/劉以豪)
Nicknames: Village Chief of Broccoli Village
Birthday: November 29, 1992
Place of Birth: Taiwan
Star Sign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey
Height: 180cm
Weight: 68kg
Blood Type: A
Education: Dayeh University.
Associated Acts: Morning Call.
Agency: Jasper Liu Studio and Pourquoi Pas Music.

Fandom Facts

Fandom Name: Cun Min
Meaning of Fandom Name: Villagers
Fandom Name Origin: Since his fans nickname him as the village head, they call themselves ‘villages

Social Media Accounts

Weibo: 劉以豪
Instagram: ryu19860812


  • College major: Visual Communication Design
  • Family: He lives with his parents in Taipei
  • Pets: Has two brown furred Canaan dogs, named “Yellow” and “Yeahbe”.
  • Musical instruments played: Guitar
  • Hobbies: Singing, oil-painting, going to the gym, going on vacation with his parents
  • Favorite food: Meat ribs
  • Favorite color: Blue.
  • Favorite season: Winter
  • Favorite outdoor activities: Camping at the seaside or in the mountains.
  • Languages spoken: Chinese. He can understand English and simple Korean, but is not fluent in both.
  • Dialects spoken: Hokkien
  • Former label: Eelin Entertainment from 2009 to 2019.
  • He has been referred as “Village Chief of Broccoli Village” by fans
  • He got his nickname because his curly hair resembles the top of a broccoli.
  • Also known as as “Taiwan’s Most Adorable Boyfriend” due to his warm dimpled smile.
  • Because of his popularity and warm image, he is also dubbed as “Taiwan’s Nation Boyfriend” by the media.
  • He hopes to go and travel the world one day
  • Role model: American actress Amanda Seyfried and also his parents.
  • Fashion preference: He likes to dress in clothes that are comfortable and not too fancy.
  • Favourite feature of himself: His dimples.
  • Favourite superpower: Teleportation
  • He likes to take a shower to destress and relax
  • He hangs around friends who have good principles.
  • His dog “Yellow” who is often the subject of his paintings passed away in 2018.
  • He feels happy that his smile can bring happiness and energy to people.
  • The people he admires most are his parents.
  • He was formerly a band member in the indie-taiwanese group, Morning Call.

Ideal Type and Relationship History

  • Ideal type Personality: A girl who is compassionate and gentle, enjoys travelling, loves the outdoors and the sun
  • Ideal appearance: With long hair beautiful eyes
  • Favourite look on a girl: A girl with a high pony tail in sports attire


More than Blue (比悲伤更悲伤的故事) as Chang Che-kai “K” | 2018
Take Me to the Moon (帶我去月球) as Wang Cheng-hsiang | 2017
Second Chance (逆转胜) as Hei Lun | 2014
[email protected] (活路) as Yan Su-jun | 2014

TV Drama

Use For My Talent (我亲爱的小洁癖) as Gu Renqi | 2021
Twelve Legends (十二谭) as Jin Xingjian | 2020
Before We Get Married (我们不能是朋友) as Chu Kehuan | 2019
Triad Princess (极道千金) as Xu Yihang | 2019
My Bittersweet Taiwan (台湾往事) as Lin Qingwen | 2018
My Goddess (种菜女神) as Yan Dongming) | 2018
Mary Sue & Jack Sue (玛丽苏遇上杰克苏) Su Zhihuan | 2017
Lost? Me Too: Chloe (迷徒CHLOE) as Rex | 2016
I Am Sorry, I Love You(我的灵界男友) as Ling Hongpei | 2015
When I See You Again (他看她的第2眼) as Xia Youqian | 2015
Kindaichi Case Files (金田一少年事件簿狱门塾杀人事件) as Chen | 2014
Pleasantly Surprised (喜欢一个人) as Louis Fu Zijie | 2014
Amour et Patisserie (没有名字的甜点店) as Allen | 2013
IUUI(我爱你爱你爱我) as Luo Jiahe | 2013
Once Upon a Love (原来爱·就是甜蜜) as Tian Yixiang | 2012
Confucius (智胜鲜师) as Zheng Yuanbing | 2012
In Time with You (我可能不会爱你) as Mei Nan | 2011
Magic 18 (魔女18号) | 2009

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