Shen Yue Profile and Facts

Shen Yue Profile and Facts

sy-200x300 Shen Yue Profile and Facts

Name: 沈月Shen Yue
English name: Shen Yue
Birthday: February 27, 1997
Place of Birth: Hunan, China
Star Sign: Pisces
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Ox
Height: 5’2, 150 – 160cm
Weight: 45kg
Occupation: Actress
Agency: Mantra Pictures 拉萨工夫真言影业有限公司

Shen Yue Facts
– Shen Yue studied at Hunan Normal University and earned a degree in journalism and communication
– She ranked 1st place in her state for university admission test among other students who planned to major in broadcast and television directing
– She developed a huge passion for photography during her university days
– Shen Yue initially always wanted to be a director
– One day she stepped in last minute for a photoshoot where the supposed model was absent
– Shen Yue’s friend posted her photos online, which caught the attention of her agency. They invited her to Beijing to sign an acting contract!
– She shot to fame as the lead role in the popular web series  A Love So Beautiful, where the cute bubbly doe-eyed actress gathered thousands of fans
– In the 2018 remake of Meteor Garden, Shen Yue was known for her amazing chemistry with co-star Dylan Wang
– She sang one of the OST songs for her drama Another Me
– Her drama Count Your Lucky Stars with actor Jerry Yan caused a stir online due to their 20 year age gap

Shen Yue Fandom Facts!
– Shen Yue’s fans are called 月饼 (yue bing),which translates to “Mooncakes” in English (the actress’s name 月, means moon)
– Shen Yue is often shipped with Hu Yi Tian, her co-star from A Love So Beautiful!
– Shen Yue and Dylan Wang had such fantastic chemistry that netizens dubbed the on-screen couple as DyShen/DiYue. Her acting was so realistic that fans were hoping the pair was together offscreen!

Shen Yue’s Social Media Accounts
Weibo: @沈月
Instagram: @shenyueyeah

Shen Yue Filmography
Count Your Lucky Stars | 2020
Sink or Swim | 2020
Another Me | 2019
Meteor Garden | 2018
Autumn Harvest Uprising | 2017
Let’s Shake it | 2017
A Love So Beautiful | 2017

Shen Yue’s Awards and Nominations
Next Generation Influencers for Global Philanthropy’s Young Philanthropy | 2019
Golden Bud – The Fourth Network Film and Television Festival’s Best Actress | 2019
Madame Figaro Fashion Awards’ Philanthropy Idol of the Year | 2019
Baidu Entertainment’s Character of the Year | 2018
Weibo V Influence Summit’s Positive Energy Model | 2018

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