Huang Zitao Reacts To Being Called A “Discipline Master” in Chuang 2020


Huang ZitaoHuang Zitao is the CEO of his own company, LTao Entertainment

In recent episode of Chuang 2020, a funny incident occured when Xu Yiyang,a trainee from Huang Zitao’s company, got reprimanded by Huang Zitao himself.

In the particular scene, the trainees were deciding on which song to perform for their stage. Xu Yiyang said that she thought Kris Wu’s single, “Big Bowl Thick Noodle” would also be “acceptable” for the showcase. Huang Zitao immediately ridiculed her statement by retorting, “Xu Yiyang, you are not the captain here. Aren’t you supposed to be asking someone for your opinion in this election?”

This caused many netizens to be amused as she decided to pick rival mentor, Kris Wu’s title track, “Big Bowl Thick Noodle” despite being from his company. 

Xu Yiyang is a trainee in Chuang 2020 representing Huang Zitao’s Company, LTao Entertainment

A flustered Yiyang immediately responded by saying, “I’m sorry.”

The scene caused the trainees to burst into a fit of laughter. Despite the situation, Huang Zitao continued to behave rather strictly towards Xu Yiyang, which caused many to call Huang Zitao the strict ‘discipline master’ of the class.

In response, Huang Zitao reposted the video on Weibo and laughed at the scene himself, saying:

“Sorry, I’m sorry, I’m reallly sorry I couldn’t hold back, but I really have to post this too! I’m watching [the show] from the audience’s perspective! I’ve also re-watched [Xu Yiyang’s] “I’m sorry” for the “n-th” number of time hahahaha, why didn’t I realize I was behaving this way? I don’t think I was behaving like a strict discipline master, am I not the cool, handsome, cute and talented boss here?”

In reponse to his own fans urging him to repost his own performance video on Chuang 2020, Huang Zitao voiced his response to fans, saying that there will be many more opportunities in the future.

“I’ve laughed to the point where I forgot to post my stage ha ha ha ha ha ha! But don’t worry there’s much more opportunities in the future [to post my stage performance]. You’ve all seen it so its good enough! As long as I am not busy acting, I’ll do your best to prepare for hahahahahahahaha. I’m sorry I’m really drunk! You guys see? ”

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