Kris Wu Responds To Allegations That He Ghosted His “Ex-Girlfriend”: Stream My Music

Kris Wu finally broke the silence on recent allegations made by an influencer, Dou Meizhu, that he was a ‘scumbag’ who had ghosted her for a month despite them allegedly dating.

Dou Meizhu even made further new posts on Weibo on top of exposing their private messages, such as releasing his voice message to her on Weibo.

However, the tables turned turned when another one of her ex-boyfriend stepped up to cast doubt on her unfaithfulness. Another male also shared screenshots alleging that she was flirty with him while ‘dating’ Kris Wu.

His Studio Issues A Legal Warning

Earlier today, Kris Wu Yifan’s studio commissioned Beijing Xingquan Law Firm to sue the individuals who have spreaded the rumors stating that “the individual had ulterior motives and maliciously photoshopped the chat records. Such an act was intended to confuse and discredit Mr. Wu Yifan and cause negative repurcussions.”

The legal letter also demanded for the defendant to publicly apologize to Mr. Kris Wu Yifan and to also compensate him for causing him mental distress and other breach of rights.

Kris Wu Takes The Opportunity To Promote His New Song

Kris Wu also personally responded to the controversy with a post on Weibo, telling fans,

“No snowflake is innocent. [I hope] I have kept everyone entertained all day. I hope everyone have gotten what they wanted. For those of you who are coming back [to my page], can you stream my music? Thanks, the link is here.  

Wu Yifan on Weibo

After reading his post, Dou Meizhu also wrote a Weibo post seemingly in response:

“Alright, then let’s just go our own way.”

Dou Meizhu

The entire incident seemed to have sent the Chinese entertainment industry into a frenzy. Undoubtedly, the star emerged as the biggest winner in this incident, as he used the controversy surrounding his personal and private life to successfully bring hype to his new song.

Kris Wu girlfriend
Kris Wu and the influencer “Dou Meizhu” who claimed to be his girlfriend.

While some netizens have expressed their disdain at the issue, others were impressed that Kris Wu made a smart move by using the hype of this controversy to bring more attention to his song, “Soar”.

Check out his newest song, “Soar” if you haven’t!”

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