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Yang Yang Profile and Facts

Yang Yang Profile and Facts

Name: Yang Yang
English Name: Yang Yang
Nickname(s): 咩咩 (Miē miē) which literally translates to “Baa baa” in English.
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Male
Born: September 9, 1991
Place Of Birth: Shanghai, China
Blood Type: AB
Zodiac Sign:
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Goat
Weight: 54kg
Occupation: Actor

Yang Yang Facts
– Yang Yang is born in Shanghai, China
– Yang Yang is the only child in his family
– Yang Yang is a dance graduate from the People’s Liberation Army Arts College.
– Yang Yang liked the Army uniform when he was young, which was why he decided to go to the PLA Arts College
– He fell in love with dancing since he was a young child and had dreams to become a professional dancer
– He first attended his first dance class at the age of 5.
– Yang Yang was always the top scorer in college and and represented his school in numerous dance competitions.
– Yang Yang was a heartthrob in college (similar to his character in Love O2O), and was always recognised as one of the most handsome guys on campus
– It was said that his female schoolmates would spend hours queuing in line just to get a ticket to watch Yang Yang perform
– Yang Yang debuted as an actor at the tender age of 17, where he played the main character ‘Jia Bao Yu’ in the “The Dream of Red Mansions”
– Yang Yang likes to go out for morning runs as he frequently post pictures of him exercising on Weibo

Yang Yang’s Social Media Accounts
Weibo: @杨洋

Yang Yang Fandom Facts

– Yang Yang’s fans are called “羊毛” (Yáng máo) which literally translates to “Sheep wool” in English
– The official fandom color is blue
– The fandom fan chat is “杨洋在哪我在哪,羊毛陪你闯天下!” (Xiāoyān sìqǐ wéi zhàn ér lái)
– The fan chant can be roughly translated to mean “Wherever Yang Yang is, is where I’ll be. Sheep wool(s) will accompany you to battle against the world!”).
– Official overseas fansite account: @YangYangfans on Twitter

Yang Yang Drama Series
– Glory of the Special Forces | 2020
– The King’s Avatar 2 | 2020
– Sage of Calligraphy Wang Xi Zhi | 2020
– Falling in Love with You Is the Best Thing I Have Ever Done | 2020
– The King’s Avatar | 2019
– Martial Universe: Season 2 | 2018
– Martial Universe: Season 1 | 2018
– The Chronicles of A Town Called Jian | 2018
– My Stupid Cute Husband | 2016
– Love O2O | 2016
– The Whirlwind Girl 2 | 2016
– Unified Three Kingdoms | 2016
– The Whirlwind Girl | 2015
– The Last Tomb | 2015
– The Four | 2015
– Tiny Times 1.0: Origami Times  | 2014
– Lanterns | 2014
– Legend of Goddess Luo | 2013
– Refresh 3+7 | 2012
– The War Doesn’t Believe in Tears | 2012
– Youth Melody | 2018
The Dream of Red Mansions | 2010
– Qing Tian Ya Men | 2007

Yang Yang’s Movies
– Vanguard | 2020
– Once Upon A Time | 2017
– I Belonged to You | 2016
– I Am Your Bleating Phone | 2016
– Jasmine Flowers | 2016
– Healing Island | 2016
Left Eat | 2015
The Unbearable Lightness of Inspector Fan | 2015
Eat Drink Man Woman 2 | 2012
Beginning of the Great Revival | 2011

Yang Yang’s Awards and Nominations
– Golden Pufferfish Awards for Most Commercially Valuable Artist | 2019
– China Newsweek Person Of the Year | 2019
– Tencent Video All Star Awards Person Of the Year

| 2019
– Tecent Video All Star Awards TV Actor of the Year | 2019
– 12th Tencent Video Star Awards | 2018
– Youku Choice Awards for Most Valuable Star | 2018
– China Youth Day Gala Outstanding Youth Award | 2018
– Chinese Communist Youth League (CCYL) Outstanding Mainland Artist | 2018
– 15th Esquire Man At His Best Outstanding Mainland Artist Award | 2018
– 14th Esquire Man At His Best Man of the Year Award | 2017
– 2nd China Television Drama Most Popular Quality Actor Award | 2017
– L’Officiel Night Most Popular Actor Award | 2016
– Baidu Moments Press Conference Most Commercially Valuable Male Artist | 2016
– 13th Esquire Man Most Commercially Valuable Artist | 2016
– Sohu Fashion Awards Most Popular Male Celebrity | 2016
– Youku Young Choice Awards Artist of the Year | 2016

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