Hu Yitian and Chen Yuqi Will Be Leads For Upcoming Drama, “See You Again”!

On March 16, iQiyi officially announced Hu Yitian and Chen Yuqi as the leading cast members for the Fantasy and Romance drama, “See You Again” (超时空罗曼史)!

See You Again
See You Again (超时空罗曼史)

The drama is set in the back drop of the Chinese Republican Era, where the movie star Xiang Qin Yu (played by Hu Yitian), accidentally travels through and space to end up in the modern world. He finds himself falling in love after he meets the screenwriter Jin Ayin (played by Chen Yuqi). Xiang Qin Yu attempts to adapts to modern life with his new identity and also shares a sweet and tortuous love story with Jin Ayin.

Two starkly different characters from opposing backgrounds cross paths

“See You Again” was officially announced a few weeks back and released a set of posters for the first time. Xiang Qin Yu and Jin Ayin met by chance in two time and space. In the posters, they appear to be passing by the tram, and there is a beautiful and intriguing sense of history that comes with the story.

In the poster, Xiang Qin Yu is dressed in trendy clothing from the last century, which contrasts with the modern lady-like Jin Ayin. A dreamy journey of seeking love is about to begin with this drama. In addition to the novel time-travelling concept of the story, the character setting of “See You Again” is also refreshing.

In the last century, Xiang Qin Yu, was well-known in the film and television industry as a celebrity. He was arrogant but he had a soft heart. When he first entered modern society, he happened to meet the simple and smart screenwriter Jin Ayin, and the two hit off instantly.

One is the aloof celebrity of a noble family, and the other is the passionate and enthusiastic screenwriter who loves her work. Two young people with polar opposite life experiences met in a chance time and space, and then they were “forced” to live together despite their differences. At first, they found each other troublesome. Yet, how will their affection for each other eventually arise? We can only wait for the first drama trailer release to tell us. Let us wait and see!

Transgressing time and space to find love

Hu Yitian Chen Yuqi
Hu Yitian Chen Yuqi are leads for “See You Again”

The settings of the big star and the small screenwriter also make the life experience of the two people very different, and their personalities are very different. For two people so different, the manner in which they begin their relationship will be a wonder for the audience.

At the same time, the drama series revolves around two protagonists in different eras, connecting many suspenseful plot points on the two timelines, and gradually unfolding according to the perspective of the male and female protagonists, forming a network of characters that span across decades. This network closely links all the characters in the play, travelling through time.

Apart from the romantic story line, there is also a journey of truth to solve some mysteries. The discovery of these truths add an interesting mix of thrill and excitement to the story!

See You Again
See You Again

Encounter true love across time with the drama “See You Again” and solve mysteries carried forth from the olden times to the present! You can now watch the trailer on iQiyi here.

What do you think of this upcoming drama? Share your thoughts and comments with us below!

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