Miss The Dragon – Dylan Wang, Zhu Xudan


Miss The Dragon (遇龙) is an ancient fantasy romance drama co-produced by Tencent Penguin Film Culture and Can Ling Pictures. It is a drama directed by Min Guohui, starring Dylan Wang and Zhu Xudan, and co-starring Deng Wei, Pan Meiye, Zhu Zanjin, Dai Wenwen, Zhan Yu, and Yang Zhiying.

It is a drama adaptation of the Orange Light Game. The drama depicts a love story of the Dragon King and the maid Liu Ying in the span of their three lifetimes.


Miss The Dragon
Miss The Dragon

English Title: Miss The Dragon
Chinese Title: 遇龙
Genre: Ancient, Fantasy, Romance
Episodes: 36
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Min Guohui
Scriptwriter: Shi Hui
Product Company: Tencent Penguin Film Culture
Film Location: Hengdian
Broadcasting Website: Wetv, Viki, Tencent Videos.
Released Date: May 10, 2021


Dylan Wang He Di

Dylan Wang He Di (王鹤棣) as Yuchi Longyan (尉迟龙炎)
A dragon who has cultivated for thousands of years. He accidentally kills Liu Ying when Xia Hou Xue searches for her. Over three lifetimes, he guards over her and fulfills Liu Ying’s wish.

Bambi Zhu Xu Dan

Bambi Zhu Xu Dan (祝绪丹) as Liu Ying (流萤)
She is Xia Hou Xue’s maid and is promised to serve Xia Hou Xue. Once when they were outside, she saves Hou Xue from a dangerous snake.

Supporting Characters
Deng Wei

Deng Wei (邓为) as Xue Qian Xun (雪阡寻)
The lord of Luofeng Pavilion, his face is as cold as frost. He was born lonely, indifferent, and reluctant to speak.

Pan Mei Ye

Pan Mei Ye (潘美烨) as Qing Qing (青青)
Lively and lovely, she is extremely innocent. Thousands of years ago, she was the Qing Xuan Bird. Liu Ying helps Qing Qing when she is injured, and later accompanies Liu Ying as repayment.

Zhu Zanjin

Zhu Zanjin (朱赞锦) as
Mingge Xingjun/Star Lord (命格星君)
A handsome and elegant young man who is kind to others.


Liu Ying is the little maid serving Xia Hou Xue. She accidentally encounters a snake and is so scared that she almost loses her soul. Liu Ying hurriedly catches the snake. Little did she know that this snake was actually dragon who had cultivated for thousands of years, named Yuchi Longyan.

Yuchi Longyan takes Liu Ying away to repay her favor, but Xia Hou Xue who cared about Liu Ying mistakenly thinks that she was missing. During the search, she encounters a wolf demon, and finally dies accidentally in Yuchi Longyan’s hands. Yuchi Longyan fulfills Liu Ying’s wish, rescues the young lady and guards over her for three lifetimes.

In this way, Yuchi Longyan fulfills his promise, and in private protects Liu Ying life after life. It wasn’t until the fourth lifetime that Liu Ying knows about the existence of Yuchi Longyan.

In order to save Yuchi Longyan who was punished by Tian Tiao, Liu Ying gives up her soul to Ge Xing Jun, and the other half of her soul merges with Yuchi Longyan, helping him defeat the villain.

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