Deng Lun (邓伦) Profile

Deng Lun
Deng Lun

Deng Lun made his first debut through acting with the drama Flowers in Fog (2013). He gained recognition through his role as Xu Feng in Ashes of Love (2018).

Deng Lun (邓伦) Profile

Deng Lun

Name: Deng Lun
Chinese Name: 邓伦 (simplified) / 鄧倫 (traditional)
English Name: Allen Deng
Nickname: Lun Lun (伦伦)
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Han Chinese
Birthday: October 21,1992
Place of Birth: Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China
Star Sign: Libra
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey
Height: 185cm
Weight: 73.66kg
Agent: Denglun Studio
Education: Shanghai Theater Academy

Official Social Media Accounts

Weibo: 邓伦
Studio Weibo: 邓伦工作室
Douyin: 邓伦
Instagram: allendeng1021
Studio Instagram: denglunstudio

Fandom Information

Fandom Name: Deng Xin (灯芯)
Fandome Name Meaning: Candle Wick
Fandom Color: Green


  • His favorite color is green
  • He owned a hotpot restaurant called 火社 (Huo She)/Fire Room
  • Currently there are three branches of Fire Room, two in Shijiazhuang and one in Shanghai
  • He also owned a milk tea shop called 火社的茶 (Huo She De Cha)/T•FireRoom in Shijiazhuang
  • He has his wax figure in Madame Tussauds Shanghai
  • He lived with his grandparents when he was a kid
  • His name was given by his grandfather
  • His grandfather nicknamed him as Bei Bei/北北
  • He often serves as a best man for his friends’ wedding
  • Despite his main occupation as an actor, he sings occasionally too.
  • He sings some soundtracks and sometimes sings in some entertainment awarding ceremony
  • He is a workaholic
  • He loves basketball
  • He is a fan of Kobe Bryant
  • He has a tattoo “24” on his ankle which is the number of Kobe Bryant’s jersey
  • His favorite singers are Jay Chou and Angela Zhang Shao Han
  • Once he mentioned that he was obsessed with Angela Chang’s performance of “A Diao” in “Singer 2018”
  • In the game show “Happy Camp” episode 20181001 he did a high jump by 1.7m. He revealed that circa 2003 he was a high jumper and his previous record was 1.64m
  • In the variety show “Dad, Where Are We Going Season 5”, he is an intern dad and has to take care of Xiao Shanzhu/Little Mangosteen
  • In the variety show “Go Fighting! S6” episode 2, he mentioned that he likes Goofy (Disney character)
  • In the variety show “Great Escape 2”, he is nicknamed as Tommy (play words of 拖幂/ “tuo mi” which means “drag Mi”).
  • His nickname came as as in one of the episodes he dragged Yang Mi for almost a meter in the dark.
  • He dragged her because he is scared by the NPC’s “ghost-like” sudden appearance
  • In the filming of “The Yin Yang Master: Dream of Eternity”, he dehydrated himself for three days to keep the perfect contour of his body
  • He is a scaredy cat, he scared of dark, insects, chicken, and ghosts
  • He hates jumpscares


The Yin-Yang Master: Retaliation (阴阳师:泷夜曲) as Bo Ya |  TBA
The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity (阴阳师:晴雅集) as Bo Ya |  2020

Television Series

Night Wanderer (夜旅人) as Sheng Qingrang | TBA
Faith Makes Great:Tianhe (理想照耀中国: 天河) as Wu Zutai | 2021
With You: I Am Dalian (在一起: 我叫大连) as Song Xiaoqiang | 2020
Skate Into Love (冰糖炖雪梨) as Xu Feng (cameo) | 2020
Blossom in Heart (海棠经雨胭脂透) as Lang Yuexuan | 2019
Mr. Fighting (加油,你是最棒的) as Hao Zeyu | 2019
My True Friend (我的真朋友) as Shao Pengcheng | 2019
Investiture of the Gods (封神演义) as Fox Demon Zixu | 2019
Ashes of Love (香蜜沉沉烬如霜) as Xu Feng | 2018
Sweet Dreams (一千零一夜) as Bo Hai | 2018
Princess Agents (特工皇妃楚乔传) as Xiao Ce (support role) | 2017
Ode to Joy 2 (欢乐颂2) as Xie Tong (support role) | 2017
White Deer Plain (白鹿原) as Lu Yunhao (support role) | 2017
Because of Meeting You (因為遇見你) as Li Yunkai | 2017
Magic Star (奇星记之鲜衣怒马少年时) as Lord Youran (guest role) | 2017
Fifteen Years to Wait for Migratory Birds (十五年等待候鸟) as Liu Qianren| 2016
Love Actually (爱情上上签) as Sun Xiaofei| 2015
Moment in Peking (新京华烟云) as Yao A Fei (support role) | 2014
Flowers in Fog (花非花雾非雾) as Xu Hao| 2013

Variety Shows

Great Escape Season 3 (密室大逃脱第三季) | 2021
Go Fighting! Season 7 (极限挑战7)| 2021
Treasure in the Forbidden City Season 3 (上新了·故宫第三季) | 2020
Dunk of China Season 3 (这! 就是灌蓝第三季)| 2020
Great Escape Season 2(密室大逃脱第三季) |2020
Go Fighting! Season 6 (极限挑战6)|2020
Treasure in the Forbidden City Season 2 (上新了·故宫第二季) | 2019
Great Escape (密室大逃脱) | 2019
Treasure in the Forbidden City (上新了·故宫) | 2018
Super Penguin League (超级企鹅联盟) | 2018
Who’s The Keyman (我是大侦探) | 2018
Where Are We Going, Dad? Season 5 (爸爸去哪儿第五季) | 2017
Crossover Singer Season 2 ( 跨界歌王第二季) | 2017


Tomb of Infatuation (痴情冢) – The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity OST | 2020
With You (在一起) with all cast members – With You OST | 2020
Zi Jin Qiu (紫禁秋) – Treasure in the Forbidden City 3 OST | 2020
Great Escape (密室大逃脱) with all cast members – Great Escape OST | 2020
Fighting Fighting Go with all members – Go Fighting! 6 theme song | 2020
Art of Astrology (牵星术) – Treasure in the Forbidden City OST | 2019
Waiting For Love (等爱) – Blossom in Heart OST | 2019
Suddenly I Wanna Love You (突然想爱你) – Mr. Fighting OST | 2019
Treasure in the Forbidden City (上新了·故宫) – Treasure in the Forbidden City OST | 2018
Unparalleled in the World (天地无霜) with Yang Zi – Ashes of Love OST | 2018
Unparalleled in the World (天地无霜) solo ver. – Ashes of Love OST | 2018
Flowers Stay Silent (花不语) – Sweet Dreams OST | 2018
Love What I Love (爱我所爱) – Ode to Joy 2 OST | 2017
The Sky is Dark (天已黑) – Ode to Joy 2 OST | 2017

Endorsement (Present)

  • Acqua Panna — Brand Spokesperson
  • Biotherm — Brand Spokesperson
  • BVLGARI — Brand Spokesperson in China
  • Cainiao Guoguo — Brand Spokesperson
  • Corona Beer — Brand Spokesperson
  • CLEAR — Clear & Fresh Spokesperson
  • FOREO — Global Brand Spokesperson
  • Helen Keller — Brand Spokesperson
  • Himalaya — VIP Spokesperson
  • Jack&Jones — Spokesperson in China
  • Jin Zai Little Fish — Brand Spokesperson
  • Joyoung — Brand Spokesperson
  • Junlebao Yoghurt — Brand Spokesperson
  • L’Oréal Paris — Makeup Spokesperson
  • L’Oréal Paris — Sunshine Spokesperson
  • Lock & Lock — Brand Spokesperson
  • Naris Parasola — Brand Spokesperson
  • Pepsi — Osmanthus Flavor Spokesperson
  • QQ — Chief Entertainment Officer
  • Ralph Lauren — Perfume Brand Spokesperson
  • Roger Vivier — Brand Spokesperson
  • Suofeiya Home Collection — Global Brand Spokesperson
  • Teway Food Seasoning (Hao Ren Jia) — Brand Spokesperson
  • Unilever — Haircare Spokesperson in China
  • Voolga — Face mask spokesperson

Awards and Nominations

Trending Young Actor at 10th Tencent Video Star Awards (2016)
Breakthrough Actor at Weibo TV Drama Awards (2017)
Most Promising Actor at 14th Esquire Man At His Best Awards (2017)
Popular Artist Award at 6th iQiyi Scream Night Awards Ceremony (2017)
2017 Rising Actor at 9th China TV Drama Awards (2018)
Charismatic Young Drama Actor at 3rd China Quality TV Drama Awards (2018)
Popular Drama Actor at 7th iQiyi Scream Night Awards Ceremony (2018)
TV Drama Actor at 15th Esquire Man At His Best Awards (2018)
Popular TV Drama Actor in a Leading Role at 12th Tencent Video Starlight Awards (2018)
China TV Drama Male Star at Sohu Fashion Awards (2018)
Weibo Popular Artist at Weibo Awards Ceremony (2019)
GQ Goodwill Ambassador at GQ Men of the Year Awards (2019)
Motivated Artist at GQ Men of the Year Awards (2020)
Most Commercially Valuable Artist of the Year at 17th Esquire Man At His Best Awards (2020)

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