Olivia Wang Ziwen Confirms That She Is Dating Andrew Wu Yongen

On 10 April, Olivia Wang Ziwen (王子文) changed her nickname on Weibo to officially confirm her new relationship with Andrew Wu Yongen (吴永恩)!

Her English name was initially called “Olivia”, but she had chosen the new name “Ava” instead. The name “Ava Wang” (A.W.) was deliberately selected to match the initials of her new boyfriend, Andrew Wu (A.W.).

Ava Wang Ziwen
Ava Wang Ziwen

She even shared a photo of the pair with the caption, “AW ❤️ AW.”

ava wang zi wen wu yongen
Olivia Wang Ziwen and Andrew Wu Yongen

How did Wang Ziwen and Wu Yongen Meet?

The 34 year old Chinese actress, who recently joined a matchmaking variety show, is well-known for her main roles in the dramas, “Healer of Children” ( 了不起的儿科医生), “Bureau of Transformer” (动物管理局) and “Second Time Is A Charm” (第二次也很美).

In the s Chinese matchmaking variety show, “A Journey For Love” which focussed on mature woman seeking for love, Wang Ziwen  her match. He was the 32 year old Andrew Wu Yongen, who grew up in the United States and previously worked as a software programmer at Google. Andrew returned to China to help his family run their home business. He currently works as an investment manager in his own company, and will likely be the succeed the family business.

“Aw”, aren’t they an adorable match?

In the show, Andrew Wu gave her a special nickname, “Eva” because he thought it was compatible with his name, “Andrew.” To enhance the compatibility of their names, she changed her Weibo display name to “Ava”. This way, they would both share the same initials!

Is it also a coincidence that the initials spell out as “Aww”? Indeed, many fans can’t help but to go “aww” at the sheer amount of affection the lovebirds have for each other!

When the pair first appeared on “A Journey For Love”, fans couldn’t help but to feel skeptical of the pair. Afterall, it was easy to script these shows and have the couple ‘act’ in front of the camera. But the official social media announcement has given hope to netizens that a true love story can develop, even if it’s in front of the camera.

Fans who have followed the pair have even given the couple pairing a new nickname, “Wu Zi Qi” (吴子棋)

In the show’s finale episode, the new lovebirds kissed each other deeply. Olivia Wang, now known as Ava Wang’s friends decided to give them their fullest blessings.

Oliva Wang Expressed Her Eagerness To Commit To The Relationship

While both were in the early stages of getting to know each other, Olivia Wang publicly revealed that she had a 7 year old son. The revelation was previously unknown to the public and became a hot topic on Weibo.

She has also been honest on the show, revealing that when she was younger she used to be in many relationships. She also had many ex-boyfriends, and gave her whole heart to her first boyfriend who she wanted to have children with.

wang ziwen wu yongen
The pair shared many romantic moments together


Olivia Wang on Relationship with Andrew Wu, “It was Love At First Sight.”

The actress was not short of praises for her new boyfriend. During her first date with him, she excitedly declared that she felt that it was love at first sight.

Fast forward to the later dates, fans spotted the pair shopping for couple attires and accessories while out in Sanya together. Though both met for only a period of 20 days in the variety show, the chemistry was undeniable.

Even in the show, the two people reached the stage where they were both able to confide in each other and share about their deepest vulnerabilities. As viewers see the two kissing and kissing each other on the show and recall how the two people get along so well on the show, there is a sense of a fairytale romance story come true. Wu Yongen sighed and remarked  that it was so wonderful that the two of them came on the show. He felt that was really fate.

Wu Yongen
Wu Yongen was spotted shopping with Wang Ziwen

We wish the happy new pair of lovebirds all the best for their new relationship!

Wang Ziwen boyfriend
Wang Ziwen kisses Wu Yongen On “A Journey For Love”

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