Zheng Shuang Responds To Controversy Involving Her Children Allegedly Born Via Surrogacy

Recently, news broke out that Zheng Shuang allegedly had two children with her ex-boyfriend, Zhang Heng via surrogacy. This controversy began when Zhang Heng wrote a Weibo post to reveal that his reason for residing in the United States was to raise his two children. 

Netizens began to suspect that Zheng Shuang was the mother to the children and that they had been given birth to allegedly via surrogacy. This issue is even more of a taboo, as China has banned all forms of surrogacy – both commercial and altruistic – in 2001 due to concerns that poor women were being exploited.

Zheng Shuang Addresses Her Surrogate Children Issue

In addition to the fact that netizens speculated Zheng Shuang to have broken the laws of the country, a leaked audio footage of her parents discussing the possible abortion of the children was made public. In the audio footage, Zheng Shuang’s parents also suggested that it was possible to give the children away for adoption.

On the 19th, Zheng Shuang issued her first public response to the “surrogacy” issue on Weibo:

“This is a very sad and private matter for me. I didn’t want to talk about it in front of everyone, but the matter has been exposed step by step with ulterior motives. After thinking about it for a long time, I had no choice but to respond even though I do not want to occupy public resources.

Since the year before last, the legal teams in China and the United States have never given up on protecting the legitimate rights and interests of me and my family, nor have they given up communication and mediation efforts with each other. However, in China’s legal procedures, we have repeatedly been refused and we did not want our privacy to be extorted. In the US legal process, I also took the lead in defending my rights.

As an entertainment figure, I am well aware of the seriousness and need for epidemic prevention in our country. I have not violated the laws of the country on the Chinese soil, and I also respect all laws and regulations when I am abroad.

If all the the unverified information requires a public response on my part, this is my most sincere answer.”

Netizens react to Zheng Shuang’s statement:

Zheng Shuang Responds to Surrogacy Issue with Zhang Heng

Netizens have mostly been outraged by her public statement, with the top comment expressing, “Surrogacy is expressly prohibited in our country, and its indifference to life is appalling: A surrogacy mother who promises to gives birth to a boy will be forced to abort if the life is that of a girl; or in situations where the fetus is defective or abandoned. It’s impossiblle for law and morality to trample on the bottom line like this!

Other netizens even took to quoting Zheng Shuang’s parents who said in the leaked audio footage, “These two children are already 7 months, we can’t abort, f***.”

Another said, “Those who are in favour of Zheng Shuang being expelled from the entertainment industry, please like my comment.”

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