Guan Xiaotong Celebrates Luhan’s Birthday Nearing Midnight, Dispelling Break-up Rumours

On the evening of Luhan’s Birthday, Guan Xiaotong posted a selfie of the two on Weibo to celebrate the birthday of her boyfriend. In the photo, the two cuddled closely together and were full of sweetness.

“Guan Xiaotong” has been trending on Weibo since the clock struck midnight on Luhan’s birthday, as fans would usually expect her to give him a birthday greeting. Some even rumoured that the pair had broken up.

Yet, at 23:31 she made the social media post wishing her beau a Happy Birthday! Her reason for waiting on that special timing was simple – Guan Xiaotong is 23 years old, and Luhan is 31 years old this year. 23:31 represented their ages respectively!

Luhan girlfriend
Guan Xiaotong shared a couple selfie with Luhan holding some flowers.

Later, Luhan replied in the comment area: “Thank you!” This is Guan Xiaotong’s fourth year celebrating Luhan’s birthday, thus dispelling rumours that the two parties must have have broken up.

Netizens instantly commented: “It’s confirmed!! My cp is real!” “I want to be happy forever!”

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