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朱正廷 - 珍珠糖 ALL FOR THEO - ZZT Theo #朱正廷 #ZhuZhengting Pig face One of the Top Dancers in China Leader of NEXT Former member of Nine Percent

Xiao Gui Profile and Facts

Name: Xiao Gui / Wang Linkai Chinese Name (Simplified & Traditional): 小鬼 / 王琳凯 Nicknames: Gui Gui 鬼鬼, Xiao Gui…

2 months ago

Xiong Ziqi Profile and Facts

Xiong Ziqi’s Profile Xiong Ziqi Profile and Facts Name: Dylan Xiong Chinese Name: 熊梓淇 (Xiong Ziqi) Nicknames: Xiong Laoshi, Xiao…

3 months ago

Sunnee Profile and Facts

Name: Sunnee Chinese Name (Simplified):  杨芸晴 (Yang Yunqing) Thai Name: Kewalin Boonsattha (เกวลิน บุญศรัทธา) Nicknames: Boss Yang, Qing Qing, Nee,…

3 months ago

Yamy (Guo Ying) Profile and Facts

Yamy Profile and Facts Name: Yamy Birth Name: Guo Ying Chinese Name (Simplified & Traditional): 郭颖 Nicknames: Teacher Duck /…

3 months ago

Fan Cheng Cheng Profile and Facts

Profile and Facts Name: Fan ChengCheng Chinese Name: 范丞丞 Nicknames: Cheng Cheng, Fuxixi, Adam Fan Nationality: Chinese Gender: Male Birthday:…

3 months ago

Zhu Zhengting Profile and Facts

Zhu Zhengting is a Chinese singer who is currently the leader of the Yuehua Entertainment Boy Band, NEXT (formerly known…

4 months ago