Li Xian (李现) Profile and Facts

Li Xian (李現) is an actor in Mainland China. He is well known for being “Han Shangyan” the cold but kind hearted boss on the e-sports drama, Go Go Squid as he starred together with Yang Zi. He was announced as “July Boyfriend” in 2019.


Li Xian

Name: Li Xian
Chinese Name (Simplified & Traditional): 李现 / 李現
Nicknames: Lao Li, Li Shuai, Xian Daren
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 19, 1991
Place Of Birth: Hubei, China
Blood Type: O
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Occupation: Actor
Agency: Easy Entertainment (壹心娱乐)
Education: Beijing Film Academy

Official Social Media Accounts

Weibo: @李现ing 
Studio Weibo: Li Xian Studio 
Spotify: 李现
Instagram: @mr.lixian
Oasis: 李现ing
Douyin: 李现ing
Studio Douyin: 李现工作室
QQ: 李现

Fandom Facts

Name of fandom/fans: Tian Xian Bao Bao (TXBB) 天现宝宝
Official fandom color : Orange
Weibo Official Fan Club account: 李现全国粉丝后援会
Korea – 李现粉丝后援会KOREA分


  • Li Xian had injuries in his back and knee during filming Tientsin Mystics and was physically not good and so was his posture.
  • He loves playing sports especially basketball and football but since he had injuries he plays less.
  • Li Xian prefers playing non-action roles due his injuries.
  • He loves travelling to Japan
  • Li Xian doesn’t drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. He prefers to sleep instead
  • He loves watching movies and writing reviews (share on his social media) but now he does less because most of the comments on his review posts are not related to the movie.
  • Li Xian can’t dance but is good at singing.
  • He loves shopping both online and going to physical stores.
  • Li Xian will never go public if he is in relationship because he wants to respect the other party.
  • He doesn’t want the public nor his fans to press on his private life
  • Li Xian loves Jay Chou’s songs and he is fan.
  • Before he debuted, Li Xian change his name from 李現 to 李现.
  • Li Xian is an only child
  • He is not fond of winking to his fans nor public, he dislike the signature “wink” demand.
  • Labeled as “July Boyfriend” in 2019
  • He was included in Forbes China 30 Under 30 in 2019 and was in 19th rank on Forbes Asia 2020.
  • Li Xian prefers to study or prepare  for the roles he is going to play rather than as a fixed member of a variety show.
  • He is good friends with co-star from Go Go Squid, Yang Zi.
  • He once remarked that Yang Zi’s personality in real life made him feel comfortable as she was like a “bro”
  • He is good friends with the actress Wang Zixuan and some fans suspect the good friends are dating, though such a rumor has been officialy denied by Li Xian in 2021.
  • He is known to love working out and can be described as a fitness enthusiast
  • In a Go Go Squid Interview, Li Xian revealed that Yang Zi often complained about wanting to lose weight.
  • Yet, when Li Xian offered to gym together with Yang Zi, she did not turn up on the day itself as she chose to eat hotpot instead and felt guilty since she was supposed to be working out.
  • He rose to popularity after his role in the drama, “Go Go Squid” as Han Shang Yan.


Wuhan, How Are You | 2020
A Glorious Future (Red Fox Scholar OST) | 2020
Give to the Future ( Go Go Squid! OST) | 2019

TV Series

A Love Never Lost (Liang Xiang / Yu Bu Gu) | TBA
Go Go Squid 2: Dt. Appledog’s Time (Han Shang Yan / Gun) | 2021
Sword Dynasty (Ding Ning) | 2019
Go Go Squid! (Han Shang Yan / Gun) | 2019
Women of Shanghai (Chen Xiao Wei) | 2018
Only Side by Side with You (Chang Jian Xiong) | 2018
Tientsin Mystic (Guo De You) | 2017
Rush to the Dead Summer (Qing Yun) | 2017
Medical Examiner Dr. Qin (Lin Tao) | 2016
Four Ladies (Ding Zi Hui) | 2016
Who Sleeps My Bro (Xie Xun) | 2016
City of Fantasy (Ah Liang) | 2014


Zhong Guo Xing Jing | TBA
Schemes in Antiques (Yao Bu Ran) | 2021
Soul Snatcher (Bai Shi San) | 2020
Love Song 1980 (Liang Zheng Wen) | 2020
Leap (Cameo) | 2020
The Enigma of Arrival (Xiao Long) | 2020
The Captain (Luo Xiao Lin) | 2019
Big Shots | 2019
Nuts (Zu Zi Cong) | 2018
The Founding of an Army (Luo Rong Huan) | 2017
Deadly Love (Fang Zhi Bin) | 2017
Love O2O (Yu Ban Shan/Yu Gong) | 2016
Who Sleeps My Bro (Xie Xun) | 2016
Singing When We’re Young (Da Wei) | 2013
Feng Shui (Ma Xiao Bao) | 2012

Variety Shows

Young Forever | 2022
Go Fighting! Season 7 | 2021
Beep Plan | 2018
Relativity of Life | 2017
Keep Running: Season 5 | 2017
Super Premiere | 2016
Happy Camp | 2019 -2020

Short Films

11Left | TBA
Somehow I love You | 2020
Interstellar Gift | 2016
Confess | 2013
12 Years, we see it first | 2013

Li Xian’s Latest Stage

Endorsements (Present)

Ermenegildo Zegna
Yili Daily Products
Estee Lauder
Ricoh Camera GR
Honor of Kings Mobile Game
V6 Home
Acqua di Parma
Master Kong Jasmine
Keep Apps
The Beast
Weichuan Daily C
Sanya Atlantis


Quality Interpretation of Creativity Drama Star (China Quality TV Drama Awards) | 2021
Charming and Valuable Personality of the Year (Weibo Awards Ceremony) | 2021
Quality Shining Drama Star (China Quality TV Drama Awards) | 2021
Outstanding Actor (The Actors of China Awards) | 2020
Influential Actor of The Year (People’s Daily China & Global Times) | 2020
Upward Force of the Year (GQ Men of the Year China) | 2020
Popular Icon of the Year (Harper’s Bazaar Icon Awards) | 2020
Film Actor of the Year (Tencent Entertainment White Paper) | 2020
Quality Actor of the Year (Tencent Video All Star Award) | 2020
Most Popular Actor (Weibo TV Series Awards) | 2020
Outstanding Actor (The Actors of China Awards) | 2019
Person of the Year(Beijing News Weekly) | 2019
Most Promising Actor of the Year (Esquire Man At His Best Awards) | 2019
Actor of the Year (Film and TV Role Model Annual Ranking) | 2019
Popular Actor of the Year (GQ Men of the Year China) | 2019
Scream King (iQiyi All-Star Carnival) | 2019
Brand Value Star of the Year (Jinri Toutiao Awards) | 2019
Quality Actor of the Year (Tencent Video All Star Award) | 2019
Breakthrough Actor of the Year (Weibo Awards Ceremony) | 2019
Popular actor of the Year (Weibo Awards Ceremony) | 2019
Outstanding Actor (The Actors of China Awards) | 2017
Most Popular Actor (Netease Awards) | 2017

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