Zhao Rang Becomes The First Former R1SE Member To Change His Weibo Name

Following R1SE‘s disbandment, Zhao Rang is the first member to change his Weibo name, going from “R1SE-ZhaoRang” to “ZhaoRang_R” (although he still keeps “R1SE member” in his bio).

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He also released a new EP today, containing four songs, the first of which he dedicated to his brothers in R1SE.

Top comments under The Idol’s Weibo announcement:

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[+1985] “giegie, don’t worry and fly, Xiaowo [fandom name] will always follow you. Our small Rang will be better and better.”

[+1061] “I’ve come”

[+1005] “Finally waited until an EP just for you. Leaving the prefix, start off again. You participated in writing the lyrics and are constantly working hard to make breakthroughs, your sincerity is full. The stage is your light, you’re my light. Zhao Rang, keep shining. After today, walk further and more surely. The future is long. Let’s walk on towards the light together 💜”

[+928] “Rangrang, let’s go!”

[+692] “Rangrang’s so good!! The new songs sound really good! In the future, let’s go go go!!!”

[+3801, -497] Do you think the EP is nice?

Posts on Zhao Rang’s EP Release Topic

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“Get together and part at the right times; everything’s the best arrangement. Hope all members of R1SE can improve well, looking forward to even more solo stages of Zhao Rang in the future!”

“R1SE has disbanded, Zhao Rang started a solo studio and released his first solo EP, it’s also counted as a graduation present for himself~”

“After R1SE’s graduation, Zhao Rang has already changed his Weibo name. His solo road has officially started, in the future, may it go smoothly~”

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