Mimi Lee (Li Ziting 李紫婷) Profile and Facts

Li Ziting

Mimi Lee (Li Ziting 李紫婷) is a Thailand singer and Chinese Idol. She joined Produce 101 China and finished in 9th rank and debuted with Rocket Girls 101 in 2018. She is one of the Best Vocals of today’s generation of idols.


Thailand Name: Phromwily Lisiriroj
Chinese Name (Simplified & Traditional): 李紫婷 (Li Ziting)
Birth Name: พร้อมวิไล หลี่ศิริโรจน์
English Name: Mimi Lee
Nicknames: Mimi, Zi Yuanyuan(紫圆圆), Li Yangyang(李羊羊), President Li/Li Zong(李总),
Pinyin Girl(拼音少女), Steamed Bread/Mantou(馒头)
Nationality: Thai
Gender: Female
Birthday: January 20, 2000
Place Of Birth: Bangkok, Thailand
Blood Type: O
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rabbit
Height: 161cm
Weight: 44kg
Occupation: Chinese idol/ Singer
Agency: Huaying Art Star
Affiliated Acts: Rocket Girls 101

Official Social Media Accounts

Weibo: 李紫婷MiMi
Studio Weibo: 李紫婷工作室 
Instagram: mimileelzt
Melody (Mimi’s Dog) Instagram: minimelodyy
Oasis: 李紫婷MiMi
Douyin: Liziting0120
QQ Music: 李紫婷
BiliBili: MimiLee_李紫婷

Fandom Facts

Name of fandom: Honey sugars, (蜜糖 – pronounced “Mitang”)
Official fandom color: Shocking Pink (#f178ff)
Weibo Official Fan club accounts: 李紫婷MimiLee后援会官博 MimiLee紫婷_网宣
TinkleBell·李紫婷 MimiLee李紫婷守护站


  • Mimi is a fourth generation Thai and Chinese ethnicity
  • She was afraid of strangers when she was a child and her father let her learn singing to overcome her fear.
  • Mimi began to participate in the singing competitions in 2008, won many awards and obtained good results.
  • She participated in The Voice Kids Thailand back in 2013 and her entry to Thailand Entertainment Circle.
  • Mimi took the TOEFL test in the United States and applied directly to Stanford International University in Thailand.
  • She declined an offer from President of Chaozhou Chamber of Commerce in Thailand to study in the Conservatory of Music
  • Mimi studied and enrolled in business school
  • She was invited for a private dinner of the Queen of Brunei back in 2015.
  • In 2016, Mimi’s first solo concert was held.
  • She was always leaving school because of the singing competitions.
  • Mimi won 9th rank in Produce 101 China and debuted in the project girl group Rocket Girls 101
  • She was labeled by her fellow Rocket Girls as the only “princess” of the group.
  • Mimi is friends with Sunnee long before Produce 101 China
  • She has a dog named Melody.
  • Mimi knows how to play guitar and piano.
  • She is a fan of Deng Ziqi, Zhang Shaohan and Lin Junjie. Her ultimate idol was Teresa Teng.
  • Mimi was unable to attend the farewell concert of Rocket Girls 101 as she suffered from tinnitus and temporary deafness.

Album and Singles

Long To See Again | 2021
FIND MI.ME | 2021
The Wind Knows | 2021
Cutting Across a Sea of People to Meet You | 2021
Right | 2021
Peace Elite Ost (还是遇见你) | 2021
Yue Xiang Yue Duo (越想越多) | 2021
Man Bu Jing Xin De Ni (漫不经心的你) | 2020
Chasing Light | 2020
Original Me | 2020
Shine | 2020
Wen (问) | 2020
Confession | 2020
Yu Nan Xing (遇南星) | 2020
Fantasy Land | 2020
Flowers Have Bloomed (w/Xiaoqi & Zining) | 2019
The Love Guru | 2018
Shell Don | 2013

TV Drama and Movie appearances

Distance | 2015
Naive Youth | 2015

Variety Show Appearances

Super Nova Games 4 | 2021
Goose Gala | 2021
The Treasured Voice (Ep.12) | 2021
Masked Singer 5 | 2020
Masked Dancing King | 2020
We Are Blazing | 2020
Produce Camp 2020 (Ep.3) | 2020
Rampaging 20’s Season 2 | 2020
Secret Friend of Idols (Ep.12,13) | 2020
The Treasured Voice (Ep. 6) | 2020
Our Song | 2019
Super Nova Games: Season 2 | 2019
Day Day Up | 2019
Let’s Sing Together | 2019
The Coming One 3 (Ep.10) | 2019
Produce Camp 2019 (Ep.9) | 2019
Rampaging 20’s | 2019
Super Nova Games | 2018
Idol Hits (Ep.8)| 2018
The Coming One 2 (Ep.8) | 2018
Rocket Girls 101: Reality Show | 2018
Produce 101 China | 2018

Mimi’s Latest MV


Hi Touch
Carat Lover Jewelry
Five Plus


Weibo Starlight Awards | 2021
Global Chinese Music (Shine) | 2020
Radio Title Song (Shine) | 2020
Ruili – Popular Female Singer of the Year | 2019
China – Thailand Cultural Ambassador | 2019
Water Cube Cup – Best Potential | 2012

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