Meng Meiqi (孟美岐) Profile and Facts

Meng Meiqi

Meng Meiqi (孟美岐) is a Chinese singer, dancer and actress formerly part of Rocket Girls 101. She is also a member of the K-pop girl group, WJSN. She began her career in Mainland China where she took part in Produce 101 China in 2018. She won the show as the first-placed trainee, and debuted as the center of the group.

Name: Meng Meiqi
Chinese Name (Simplified & Traditional): 孟美岐
Nicknames: Shan Zhi Da Ge (山支大哥), QiQi (岐岐), Mao Mao Qiu (毛毛球)
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 15, 1998
Place Of Birth: Luoyang, Henan
Blood Type: B
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Tiger
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Occupation: Chinese Idol, Singer and Actress
Agency: Yuehua Entertainment
Affiliated Acts: Rocket Girls 101, WJSN

Official Social Media Accounts 
Weibo: 孟美岐
Studio Weibo: 孟美岐FM1015
Spotify: Meiqi Meng, 孟美岐, 火箭少女101孟美岐
Instagram: m.meiqi7
Oasis: 孟美岐
Kwai: 孟美岐
Fandom Facts
Name of fandom/fans: 山支大队 (Shan Zhi Da Dui) 
Meaning: Shan Zhi’s Brigade
Fandom nickname: 丘丘 (QiuQiu)
Official fandom color – Electric Purple #5f4b8b
Weibo Official Fanclub account: 孟美岐LoveMQ应援团
Her fans have named 10 of her personas.
She can be God Qi (岐神) the stage queen
Meiqi is also Xiao Mei (小美) sweet and pretty, Xiao Qiu (小球) cute and fun-loving,
Meng Qi (孟岐) the handsome player
Xiao Zhi (小支) the elegant beauty,
Xiao Shan (小山) the athlete
A’Mao (阿毛) wild and messy-haired
Xiao Qi (小岐) the youthful troublemaker
Xiao Meng (小孟) cool work attire.
Mei Zhu (美猪) a reference to the adorable pet


  • Growing up as an only child and with her parents always working, Meiqi learned to be independent at a young age.
  • Meiqi started dancing at the age of 12.
  • When Meiqi was 15 she went to South Korea to become a trainee. In 2016 she debuted in the girl group WJSN
  • In 2018 Meiqi returned to China to compete in Produce 101 China. She debuted as the centre of Rocket Girls 101 with 185,244,357 votes.
  • She received more votes than the total number of voters who voted in the US elections.
  • Meiqi has a pet corgi named Biki.
  • There are many different sides to Meiqi.
  • Meiqi’s first solo EP 《犟》 (JIANG) sold 1 million digital copies in 19 minutes.
  • She was a mentor for the female soloist survival show 《The Coming One S3》
  • Meiqi has an interest in fashion and has been invited to New York, Milan, and Paris Fashion Weeks.
  • She participated in the acting variety 《I am the Actor S2》 as the student of veteran actress Li Bingbing.
  • On the show she won the award for best student
  • Meiqi is constantly improving herself and learning new things.
  • She recently learned how to play piano.
  • In her free time, Meiqi likes to paint and build Lego.
  • Meiqi participated in the dance variety show 《Masked Dancing King》under the alias of “Queen Doesn’t Wear A Crown”.
  • She performed 9 dances over the course of the show and was the final champion.
  • In the second half of 2020 Meiqi performed over 40 live stages.
  • She earned the nickname “Stage Queen” from her fans 
  • Meiqi believes that she should be involved in creating her own works.
  • For her EP 《Love or not》 Meiqi wrote the lyrics of all three songs and composed two of the songs on the album.
  • She also took part in creating the concept and choreography for the title track《MUTE》
  • The sales for 《Love or not》 hit 10 million RMB in the first 8 minutes
  • Meiqi joined her first music variety 《The Treasured Voice S2》 as a music collaborator.
  • She had 3 collaboration performances and for each one she challenged a different music style  
  • Meiqi has taken part in all four seasons of CHUANG, first as a trainee and then as a senior in subsequent seasons.
  • For the Winter Olympic tribute film 《Breaking Through》 Meiqi learned short track speed skating and trained for 2 months before filming began.

Album and Singles

Love or not (爱·不爱) | 2020
只有你知道 (Only You Know)|2019
犟 (JIANG) | 2019

OSTs and Promotional Songs

花月夜 (Flower Moon Night) | 2021
折花 (Plucked Flower)|2019
I Like You | 2019
Helios (有种) | 2019


C ft. Zhou Zhennan | 2020
Don’t Wait Any More ft. Justin Huang | 2019

Movie Appearances

Breaking Through (我心飞扬)|2022
Jade Dynasty (诛仙I) | 2019
Autumn Fairy Tale (蓝色生死恋) | 2019
Step Up: The Year Of The Dance (舞出我人生之舞所不能) | 2019

Variety Show Appearances (Solo)

The Treasured Voice S2 | 2021
Super Hit – EP3 | 2020
Masked Dancing King | 2020
The Summer Palace – EP7 | 2020
Keep Running S4 – EP9 | 2020
Mask Singer S4 – EP9 | 2019
I am the Actor S2 | 2019
The Coming One S3 | 2019
Happy Camp – 20190615 | 2019
Gift of Going Home S3 | 2019
Star Talks – 20180729 | 2018

Meiqi’s Latest MV

Meng Meiqi ‘s Endorsements

  • Nestlé – Ice Cream Spokesperson | 2021
  • CHEERS – Brand Ambassador | 2021
  • BARREL – Brand Spokesperson | 2021
  • Mistine – Sunscreen Series Spokesperson | 2021
  • Master Kong Ice Tea – Burning Power Representative (2021), Burning Team Convener (2019)
  • Dior – Brand Friend | 2020
  • COLORKEY – Brand Spokesperson | 2020
  • Kiehl’s – Brand Vitality Ambassador (2020), Chief Beautiful Skin Experience Officer (2019)
  • MAC – Chief Experience Officer | 2020
  • Dove – Brand Ambassador | 2020
  • Whisper – New Brand Ambassador | 2019
  • Clarisonic – Sonic Beautiful Skin Ambassador | 2019
  • STACCATO – Brand Spokesperson | 2019
  • OSM – Brand Spokesperson | 2019
  • TOM FORD – Brand Friend | 2019
  • Origins – Exploration Ambassador | 2019
  • Mengniu – “随便” Ice Cream Spokesperson | 2019
  • Kotex – 100th Anniversary Brand Ambassador | 2019
  • Zhonghua – “White Now” Toothpaste Spokesperson | 2019


  • Weibo Movie Night 2021 – Potential Actor of The Year | 2021
  • Migu Music Awards – Rising Singer of the Year, Most Popular Female Singer of the Year, Top Ten Song of the Year:《Helios》 | 2020
  • Beijing Music Exposition – Outstanding Trend-Leading Singer of the Year | 2020
  • 27th Chinese Top Ten Music Awards – Popular Artist of the Year, Best Singing and Dancing Artist | 2020
  • Tencent Music Entertainment Awards – Most Popular Female Singer (Mainland) | 2019

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