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yang chaoyue

Yang Chaoyue (杨超越) is a Chinese actress, singer and idol formerly a part of Rocket Girls 101. She made her debut after participating in Produce 101 China in 2018, where she emerged in third place. After the group disbanded, she embarked on an acting career. In 2020, starred in the lead role for “Dance of The Phoenixes” and “Midsummer Full Of Love.”


yang chaoyue

Name: Yang Chaoyue
Chinese Name (Simplified & Traditional): 杨超越, 楊超越
Nicknames: Village Flower, Village Beauty,  Xiao Yue (Little yue), Teacher Yang, YueYue.
Nationality: Chinese
Ethnicity: Bai Chinese
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 31, 1998
Place Of Birth: Jiangsu, China
Blood Type: Type O
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Occupation: Chinese Idol, Actress
Agency: Wenlan Culture/Yang Chaoyue Studio
Associated Acts: Rocket Girls 101/CH2

Social Media Accounts

Weibo: 杨超越
Studio Weibo: 杨超越工作室
Weibo Super Topic: 杨超越超话
Oasis: 杨超越
Douyin: 杨超越
QQ: 杨超越

Fandom Facts

Name of fandom and fans: Villagers (Cūn mín/ 村民) and Crescents (Yuè yá/月牙) 
Fan fact:The two names together form “Cun cun ya ya”
Official fandom color: Purple (#CBA7F9)
Reason for fandom names: Villagers because she said she is the hope of her village in PD101 audition, hence her nickname is village flower
Weibo Official Fanclub accounts 杨超越贴吧全球后援会   杨超越全国粉丝会


  • Yang Chaoyue was born in a peasant family in a village in Dafeng District, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province.
  • Chaoyue worked in several jobs (sewing factory worker, waitress, etc) instead of going to high school after the divorce of her parents to support them.
  • Back in 2016 she auditioned in a girl group competition and won the most popular contestant.
  • In 2017, she made her debut with the group CH2 under Wenlan culture, however the group was mainly dedicated to promoting e-sport events and video games.
  • Back in 2018, she along with CH2 members auditioned in the first season of Produce 101 China. 
  • She gained massive popularity in the show and won 3rd place with +138 million votes and made her debut in the temporary group Rocket girls 101.
  • Chaoyue was nicknamed Koi fish as she was seen as the representative of good luck/fortune due to her massive popularity and luck, and weibo users would use her memes and pictures as blessings. 
  • She has a younger step-sister.
  • Chaoyue has a cat named Orange.
  • She was the ambassador of FIBA basketball world cup 2019 along with Kobe Bryant.
  • Chaoyue said she auditioned to be an idol because they provided free food and housing. 
  • When she was younger, her idol was Yang Mi. 
  • She is very active in her weibo supertopic where she engages with her fans and posts life insights.
  • After the disbandment of Rocket Girls 101 in 2020, Yang Chaoyue is focusing more on acting and variety.
  • Fans call her “steel straight man” for her straightforward and easy going personality.
  • She came from a humble family, and her fans love her for her humility and direct personality.
  • Chaoyue is famous in variety shows due to her wittiness and natural variety sense.
  • Some people call her a philosopher due to her golden quotes.
  • One of her popular quotes is “God blesses stupid children too, so don’t give up even if you are mediocre and stupid”
  • Chaoyue said in the variety show “Heartbeat Signal” that she had no time to fall in love because she was busy earning money to make a living.
  • She is closest to Wu Xuanyi in Rocket Girls 101 and they often talk about clothes , online shopping and latest trends.
  • Chaoyue hates dancing and is happy that she would never have to dance again after Rocket Girls disbanded.
  • She also cried the hardest when Rocket Girls disbanded.
  • Chaoyue said that when practicing dancing for Rocket Girls, she would always count on her team mates to help ‘cover up’ her bad dance moves.


Meeting·Goodbye 遇见•再见 – EP (Rocket girls) | 202
The Wind 立风 – album (Rocket girls)  | 2019
Collide 撞 – EP (Rocket girls)  | 2018


Parallel tracks 平行轨迹 | 2021
Little red elephant | 2020
On fire – Rocket Girls | 2020
Never stand still | 2019
O.O | 2019
Rampage to the next stop – Rocket Girls  | 2019
Milky way disco – Rocket Girls | 2019
Haha farmer | 2019
Calories – Rocket Girls | 2018
Follow me | 2018 
Venom is coming – Rocket Girls | 2018
March on and on | 2018
Lucky fortune | 2018
101 wishes | 2018
To me – CH2 | 2017
New dimension youth – CH2 | 2017
Set sail – CH2 | 2017
Happy disco – CH2 | 2017

TV Drama and Movie Appearances

The Ideal city
Our new life: Welcome to Jina village 
Chong Zi
Evernight 2 (2020)
Dance of the Phoenix (2020)
Midsummer full of love (2020)
The promise of Chang’an (2020)
Project 17: side by side (2019)

Variety Show Appearances

Go Fighting: Treasure tour 2 | 2021
Go Fighting 7 | 2021
Fresh Kitchen 100 S2 | 2021
Miss Beauty | 2021
We are Blazing (contestant) | 2020
The Great wall | 2020
Go Fighting 6 | 2020
Rampage 20’s 2 | 2020
Go Fridge 6 | 2020
Perfect Summer | 2020
Go Fighting: Treasure tour | 2020
Heart Signal 3 | 2020
Chinese restaurant 4 | 2020
Wonder Agency | 2020
When we write love story | 2020
Happy Camp | 2019 – 2020
Rampage 20’s | 2019
HaHa farmer | 2019
Happy camp | 2019
Let’s sing together | 2019
Heart Signal 2 | 2019
Super Nova games 2 | 2019
Heart Signal | 2018
Roast 3 | 2018
Lipstick prince | 2018
Super Nova games | 2018
Rocket girls 101 Research institute | 2018
Produce 101 China (contestant) | 2018

Latest MV Stage (with Rocket Girls)


No. 47 on the Comprehensive Social Responsibility List of Chinese Film and Television Stars | 2021
Forbes China celebrity list No. 80 | 2020
China Charity star list | 2020
Weibo TV Drama awards top 5 popular actresses | 2020
No.7 in Weibo TV drama awards Top 10 most popular female character | 2020
Tencent video star awards potential TV actor | 2020
Tencent video star awards audience choice drama (Dance of the phoenix) | 2020
State Administration of Radio and Television 2019 Excellent Network Audio-visual Works Selection Campaign Excellent Works (Side by side) | 2020
Shanghai international film & TV festival best performance in a variety show | 2019
No.58 in Forbes China Celebrity list | 2019
No.3 in TCC Asia 100 most beautiful faces | 2019
No.1 in TCC China 100 most beautiful faces | 2019
China news week most influential artist of the year | 2018
Tencent video star awards best newcomer of the year | 2018

Active Endorsements

Tencent Video
MG cars
Dr. Groot
Naive blue
The face shop
Game for peace (PUBG)
On the body
LG ruyian
Holland flower sea park

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