Wu Xuanyi Fires Back At Netizens Who Criticise Her Way Of Handling Hateful Comments

Wu Xuanyi has been a trending topic on Weibo recently after she made a statement saying that “girls in the entertainment circle are not treated well.”

Wu Xuanyi
Wu Xuanyi shared lighthearted selfies

In the Weibo post, the former Rocket Girls member also added a series of light hearted selfies, telling fans that it was important to love themselves.

Some netizens have reacted negatively to her post with some top comments asking her to “leave the entertainment industry” if she could not keep up with it.

What Was The Recent Controversy Surrounding Wu Xuanyi?

A few days ago, Wu Xuanyi appeared on the variety show “Life Is Beautiful.” In the show, she mentioned that netizens would viciously attack her if her clothes looked too ‘old fashioned’ or ‘that the patterns look too messy’.

Wu Xuanyi
Wu Xuanyi felt that any beautiful female celebrity would have experienced being hated on before

She revealed that her way of reacting to the situation is to behave even more rebelliously. Whenever they said her outfits looked messy, she would deliberately dress up in more of those ‘messy’ styles. If netizens called her out for wearing shoes that looked too flamboyant, she would deliberately buy the entire collection of those shoes. She would even go as far as to wear every single flamboyant design from the collection of shoes. Based on her personal experience, as long as one is a beautiful female celebrity, they would be attacked by haters. It was not necessary for her to overthink about negative comments in that regard.

However, her remarks in the show received polarizing reactions. Some believed that one should dress according to how they please. But others believed that as a celebrity, one should take into consideration the opinions of others instead of deliberately rebelling against those who disagreed.

Following the barrage of discussion over her remarks on the show, Wu Xuanyi’s mood appeared to have been affected. On May 27, she posted a Weibo status, stating:

“Girls in this [entertainment] circle are not being treated well. Still there is a need for them to protect themselves and be happy.”

Netizens React To Xuanyi’s Comments On The Show

However, netizens even more disagreed with Wu Xuanyi’s latest remarks. They spared no mercy on her post and made vicious remarks:

Some netizens viciously attacked Wu Xuanyi

“Can you stop acting pitiful?”

“Your salary in a day may be worth more than what others make for a few years, and you still feel that you are not being treated well?”

“Just because someone remarked that she’s old fashioned, the entire entertainment industry is now being dragged into the loop.”

Many netizens also made rude remarks such as, “You should really shut up,”

“Don’t feel like you have wronged yourself, just get out of the entertainment circle.”

“When you talk, do the words ever get processed your brain? ??? Why can’t I understand it????”

“[You tallk] alot of sh*t”

However, there are also fans who showed support for Wu Xuanyi, stating that she did not wrong:

“Who said it’s not true? I feel that society is very malicious towards girls”

“It is not easy to be a girl, we have to protect ourselves and be happy. What’s wrong with this statement?”

“This is a positive statement, I don’t know why it should be misinterpreted”

“I hope everyone knows that they are not qualified to scold anyone, they just need to live their own lives.”

The situation came shortly after Wu Xuanyi was attacked for sharing her barefaced selfies on Weibo, where fans felt that her behavior was unprofessional for an idol whose job is to look good.

Do you think netizens are being too harsh on Wu Xuanyi? Or is their behavior proving her point? Share your thoughts and comments with us below!

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