Zhou Zi Xin (周紫馨) Profile and Facts

Zhou Zixin (周紫馨) is a film and television actress in Mainland China. Her remarkable role made her noticed as a boyish humorous surgeon in “A Love so Beautiful” starred with Hu Yitian and Shen Yue back in 2017. She gained more attention during her roles in Put Your Head on My Shoulder and The Romance of Tiger and Rose.

Zhou Zi Xin (周紫馨) Profile

Zhou Zixin Profile
Zhou Zi Xin

Name: Zhou Zixin
Chinese Name: 周紫馨
Nationality: Chinese
Birthday: August 31, 1991
Blood Type: B
Star Sign:  Virgo
Occupation: Actress

Official Social Media Accounts

Weibo: 周紫馨_
Douyin: 周紫馨_
Oasis: 周紫馨_


  • She always lands in support roles that are iconic antagonist or has unrequited love to the main male lead
  • Zixin is not as active in social media like other artists
  • Her other information are kept private and details about her are seldom disclosed to public
  • Zixin was once caught in a controversy, during the filming of The Romance of Tiger and Rose, there was a footage revealed that she changed her lines. Ding Yuxi clarified that she recited that ancient poems to boost her character in the drama.
  • Her hobby is to travel and is in to photography
  • Zixin loves color purple and pink
  • She has a pet dog and a cat
  • Zixin is into hiking and a foodie


Royal Medical Examiner (Fang Sheng) | 2018
Wang’s Spring (Wang Ke) | 2016

TV Series

That Guy Is Not Cute (Ai Mi) | TBA
The Eternal Love 3 (Qu Mei Er) | 2021
The Legend of Xiao Chuo (Kou Kui) | 2020
Way Back Into Love (Zhu Yali) | 2020
The Romance of Tiger and Rose (Chen Chu Chu) | 2020
Handsome Siblings (Mu Rong Shan Shan) | 2020
The Love by Hypnotic (Qiao Hui Xin) | 2020
Put Your Head on My Shoulder (Xie Yu Yin) | 2019
The Eternal Love 2 (Lin Ke) | 2018
A Love So Beautiful (Su Mu) | 2017

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