Xiao Gui Profile and Facts

: Xiao Gui / Wang Linkai
Chinese Name (Simplified & Traditional): 小鬼 / 王琳凯
Nicknames: Gui Gui 鬼鬼, Xiao Gui 小鬼, Lil Ghost
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 20, 1999
Place Of Birth: Xiamen City, Fujian Province
Blood Type: O
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rabbit
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Occupation: Rapper, Singer-Songwriter
Agency: Gramarie Entertainment
Associated Acts: Nine Percent

Xiao Gui Official Social Media Accounts
Weibo: 小鬼-王琳凯
Spotify: Lil Ghost小鬼
Instagram: 6____ghost
Oasis: 小鬼-王琳凯
Douyin: Lil ghost小鬼
QQ: Lil Ghost小鬼
YouTube: Lil Ghost
Xiao Gui Fandom Facts
Fandom name: Darlings
Official fandom color: Lemon Yellow
Weibo Official Fan club account:

– He finished in Rap of China Season 1 at 70th place.
Xiao Gui studied at Beijing Contemporary Music Academy
His looks are intimidating, but in real life, he is soft-heated, bubbly, childish and playful
He spends most of the time composing his music
Xiao Gui used to wear brackets
He co-produced with J.Zen and Plan B and revised the “Artist” rap song they performed in Idol Producer
His role model is the hip hop trio group, Migos.
Xiao Gui has a dog named Dou Dou
His hobbies are dancing, games, eating, sleeping, and singing.
He is especially close to Zhengting and Cheng Cheng in Nine Percent and would usually hangout in private
Xiao Gui is feared by the trainees in Idol Producer because of his vibe and aura
He finished 8th place on the show Idol Producer with a total of 7,856,601 votes and debuted as a member of Chinese boy band Nine Percent.
Xiao Gui especially loves to go on Hot Pot Restaurants
He shared a room in Nine Percent dorm with Chen Linong
Xiao Gui learned to hone his guitar skills during his concert tour
He is best friends with J.Zen
Xiao Gui released his first single with Zhu Xingjie titled Bingo!Ca$h.
He likes the colors purple, yellow and red
3 fruits he likes the most are watermelon, mango, pomegranate
– He goes by the saying “Hip-Hop is my life”
Xiao Gui is on the Top 10 Placing New Idols for New Musicians of 2020
– He did a Special Live Show that can be found in QQ music, Netease and Weibo where in he would choose from his songs and do a live performance
– His song “Tiger” was used as one of the songs in the preliminary stage in
Youth With You 3

Concert tour
Huaxi LIVE · 528 M space | Chengdu | May 4, 2019
Nanjing Sun Palace Theater | Nanjing | May 20, 2019 (Birthday Concert)
Henan Provincial People’s Hall | Zhengzhou | July 27, 2019
Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center Grand Theater | Shenzhen | August 23, 2019
Hubei Theater | Wuhan | September 8, 2019

High School Punk | 2021
Raining | 2021
Mood Remix (featured) collab with 24KGold and IanDior | 2021
What’s Wrong With Me | 2020
NO 808 | 2020
Pinky Murder | 2020
Highway from M to W | 2020
My Day Is Full Of You | 2020
Ready Now | 2020
Lil Ghost 2.0 | 2019
Preference | 2019
Black and White | 2019
Friendship Years (Concept Version) ft. Wu Zhenyu | 2019
On | 2019
IWABN | 2018
Confusing (Run Fast) | 2018
Unicorn | 2018
New Generation | 2017

TV Drama/Movie appearances
Breaking Dawn | 2019

Variety Show Appearances
Winter Dream Promise | 2021
The Treasured Voice Season 2 | 2021
I Want To Live Like This Season 2 | 2021
Dimension Nova | 2020
Our Song 2 | 2020
Go Newbies | 2020
Crossover Singer Season 5 | 2020
Amazing Dinner | 2020
Listen Up | 2020
I Want To Live Like This | 2020
Youth With You Season 2 & Youth With You VIP (Guest Mentor)| 2020
Homebody Guess | 2020
IQIYI “Waiting For Summer” Documentary | 2020
The Treasured Voice | 2020
The Taste of the Year FUN | 2020
Our Song | 2019
Beautiful Youth | 2019
Youth With You (Senior)| 2019
Crossover Singer: Season 4 | 2019
More Than Forever | 2019
Sister’s Flower Shop | 2018
Perfect Restaurant | 2018
Super Nova Games | 2018
Wild Kitchen | 2018
Fantasy Restaurant | 2018
Idol Hits | 2018
Brave World | 2018
Nine Percent: Flower Road Journey | 2018
Give Me Five 2 | 2018
Keep Running: Season 6 | 2018
Day Day Up | 2018
Happy Camp | 2018, 2019
Idol Producer (Trainee) | 2018
Rap of China Season 1 | 2017

Xiao Gui’s Latest MV

BA Accessories
Vidal Sassoon
Erno Lazlo
Hugo Boss
Zeesea lip
My Part Gal Electronic Assembler (by Watsons)
I Do BOOM Porcelain Series
Dr. Martens
Air Jordan

Awards and Nominations
QQ Music – Rap Musician of the Year | 2021
Music Idol of the Year in MAHB Mr. Fashion Ceremony| 2020
iQiyi Scream Night Popular Singer of the Year | 2020
QQ Music- Most Popular Male Rap Singer of the Year | 2020
iQiyi Scream Night Expressive Singer of the Year | 2019
All Media Artist in Golden Melody Awards | 2019
Best Popular Idol Award in China Fashion Festival | 2019
Pioneer New Artist of the Music Pioneer Chart | 2019
Most Popular Singer Award | 2019
Most Charismatic Fan Group Award | 2019
Pioneer Golden Melody Award | 2019
Rookie of the Year in Golden Melody Awards | 2018
Best New Musician in Chinese Music Festival | 2018
Best Newcomer Artist in The Music Pioneer Chart’s 30th Year Awards | 2018
Most Popular Artist in The Music Pioneer Chart’s 30th Year Awards | 2018
Men’s Uno Young Anniversary Star | 2017
Red Man Award for New Artist | 2017
Pioneer Fashion Musician at the NetEase Awards | 2017
Vigor Charity Model Award | 2017

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