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Zhang Yuxi
Zhang Yuxi

Zhang Yuxi (张予曦) was born on 30th January 1991 in Jilin, China. She is a Chinese actress and was originally made a career a model. She first rose to prominence in the October of 2019 by winning a magazine cover girl contest. In 2016, her drama“My Little Princess” became a hit and she rose to popularity as an actress. Zhang Yuxi rose to mainstream popularity following her performance in the hit drama “Love and Redemption” where she played the lead role of Chu Linglong.

Zhang Yuxi

Profile and Information

Name: Zhang Yuxi
Chinese Name: 张予曦
Nicknames: Xi Xi (曦曦) or Yu Da Xi (予大曦)
30th January 1991
Place of Birth: Jilin, China
Star Sign: Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac: Sheep / Goat
Ethnicity: Han Chinese
Height: 168cm (5’6)
Weight: 43kg
Label: H&R Century Pictures
Education: Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology

Social Media Accounts

Weibo: @张予曦
Instagram: @yciyciyci
Oasis: @张予曦

Fandom Facts and Information

Fandom Name: Watermelon (“曦”瓜) ????
Fandom Color: Pink

Facts and Trivia

– Zhang Yuxi’s family members include her parents and younger brother
– Her parents are business people
– Hobbies: Drawing, playing chess, reading and exercise
– Favourite Food: Carrot, mushrooms and hotpot meals
– Favorite Singer: Jay Chou.
– Fashion Style: Enjoys wearing skinny jeans over that of dresses.
– Her original career ambition was to be a fashion designer
– Her ideal type is a man who is kind-hearted, intelligent, and understanding.
– She recommends fans to eat carrots and mushrooms to maintain good skin like her – She is very independent
– At 12 she left home to study abroad in another province, Lan Zhou.
– Her go to karaoke song is “Simple Love” by Jay Chou.
– Favourite Genre: Mystery, thriller and action movies.
– She is said to have a unique appearance, as she looks mixed blood.
– Some find her looks as ‘fierce’
– She prefers to keep dresses for the hot weather.
– Her ex-boyfriends are Wang Sicong and Chen Borong.
– Zhang Yuxi is known to be someone who does not hide who she is dating.
– In all her previous relationships, she announced them candidly on Weibo.
– When the paparazzi caught her attending the opening of the Wanda Film Park in Wuhan, China with Wang Sicong, Zhang Yuxi admitted directly to dating Wang Sicong on Weibo a month afterwards.
– Wang Sicong is one of her most high profile boyfriend, as he is the only son of the Wanda group (the biggest property developer in China) magnate.

Zhang Yuxi Relationship History

  • Zhang Yuxi dated the Chinese businessman Wang Sicong until 2015
  • Zhang Yuxi was in a relationship with Actor Chen Borong from 2017 until 2019
  • Netizens speculate that she has a relationship with Ding Yuxi but these are untrue.

Zhang Yuxi Film and Movies

  • White Fish Girl(白鱼女) as Bai Qiulian | 2020
  • The Beauty Skin(美人皮) as the Lian Cheng | 2020
  • Fairy Dance(七月的舞步) as Gu Youyou | 2019
  • The New Year’s Eve of Old Lee(过年好) as Driver | 2016
  • Money and Love(恭喜发财之谈钱说爱) as Li Xin | 2016
  • Forever Young(栀子花开) as Xia Jingjing | 2015
  • Qing Chun Wei Yang(青春未央) as Li Jia | 2015
  • The Taking of Tiger Mountain(智取威虎山3D) as June | 2014

Zhang Yuxi Television Series

  • Hard Memory: Prisoner Under Fire (失忆之城之空气的囚徒) as An Ni | TBA
  • South Wind Knows My Mood (南风知我意) as Zhu Jiu | TBA
  • Dream of Chang’an( 梦醒长安) as Cheng Ruoyu | TBA
  • Intense Love (韫色过浓) as Su Jinbei | 2020
  • My Unicorn Girl (穿盔甲的少女) as Chen Miaomiao | 2020
  • Love and Redemption (琉璃) as Chu Linglong | 2020
  • Please Give Me a Pair of Wings (请赐我一双翅膀) as Leng Nianzhi | 2019
  • Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace (如懿传) as Shui Linglong | 2018
  • I Cannot Hug You 2 (无法拥抱的你第二季) as Li Shiya | 2018
  • Magic Star (奇星记之鲜衣怒马少年时) as Chen Jieya | 2017
  • Dear Prince (亲爱的王子大人) as Sun Xiaotao | 2017
  • I Cannot Hug You (无法拥抱的你) as Li Shiya | 2017
  • Die Now (端脑) as Liu Yiya | 2017
  • My Little Princess (亲爱的公主病) as Lin Xingchen | 2016
  • Man Comes to Tang Dynasty (唐朝好男人) as Er Nu | 2013

Zhang Yuxi Variety Show Appearances

  • Huo Xing Yan Jiu Yuan (火星研究院) | 2017
  • Flying Man (冲上云霄) | 2017
  • Freshman (一年级·大学季) | 2015
  • Day Day Up (天天向上) | 2011

Zhang Yuxi Songs and Discography

  • “Already In Love” (早就心动了) with Ding Yuxi | 2020
  • “Accompany You” (陪你) | 2020
  • “Spring Night” (春意晚) | 2020


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