Zhu Zhengting (Theo Zhu – 朱正廷) Profile and Facts


Name: Zhu Zhengting
Chinese Name (Simplified & Traditional): 朱正廷
Nicknames: Zheng Zheng 正正 / Beibei贝贝 / Theo Zhu/ Ting Zai
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 18, 1996
Place Of Birth: Ma’anshan, Anhui, China
Blood Type: O
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rat
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 59 kg
Waist: 66 m
Leg Length: 115 cm
Occupation: Singer, Dancer, Artist/Actor
Group Position: Leader of NEXT
Agency: Yuehua Entertainment
Associated Acts: Nine Percent, 乐华NEXT (Active) previously NEX7

Zhu Zhengting Official Social Media Accounts
Weibo: THEO-朱正廷
Zhengting’s Team Weibo: 朱正廷正式营业中
Spotify: Theo Zhu
YouTube: NEXT playlist on Yuehua’s Official YT
Instagram: theo_zhuzhengting318
Oasis: THEO朱正廷
Douyin: 朱正廷 NEXT_ZZT
QQ: 朱正廷
Netease: 朱正廷

Zhu Zhengting Fandom Facts
Fandom  name: Pearl Candy (Zhēnzhū táng/珍珠糖)
Official fandom color: First Love Pink (初恋粉)
Weibo Official Fan Club accounts:
Global Official Fan Club: 朱正廷全球粉丝团
Official Fan Blog/Announcements Team:  朱正廷小蚌壳官博
Official Data/Bar Team 朱正廷_数据存糖罐
Counter Antis Team 朱正廷网络反黑站

Zhu Zhengting Facts:

Pre debut:
– He has an eight-pack abs since he was 12.
– ZhengZheng came from a well-off family and his parents are very private people
– Zhengting learned Chinese traditional dance at 8, Ballet at 12 and Modern Contemporary Dance at 15.
– In 2014, he was enrolled in Shanghai Theater Academy as the Top 1 in Chinese Dance Major for the whole country. The same year, he is the Champion of Shanghai Theatre Academy’s dance competition.
– The same year, he was also the Chinese Dance Champion in the National Competition versus other college/university students in specialized fields
– His English name is Theo Zhu (formerly Austin Zhu)
– Jung Jung was his Korean name when he joined Produce 101 Korea S2 and finished at 51st rank.

  Post Debut:
– He won 6th rank in Idol Producer and became a member of project group Nine Percent (now disbanded).
– Zhengting is always involved in all of the songs he releases, from the music, lyrics and overall performance
– He is close friends with Huang Zitao, Wang Ziyi, Wang Linkai, Jeffrey Tung, Zhang Yuqi, Annie Yi, Zhang Chunye, Cheng Xiao, etc.
– Zhengting shared a room with Justin and Cheng Cheng back in Nine Percent‘s dorm
– He was invited in Balmain Paris Fashion Week back in 2019
– His “Chapter Z”album sold 70K copies for the first 3 minutes, 100K copies were sold after 10hrs. The sales reached $700K in a month with a the total number of sales was about $16M USD.
– He is 6th at Netease Music Best-Selling Digital Single/EP Yearly Chart 2020 for his single, Empty Space.
– Zhengting ranked 3rd on Most Marketable Artists/Celebrities of 2020 Tencent Entertainment White Paper
– He once took on a 60 kg hand grip challenge and he can grip until 110 kg.
– Ting was invited to Yves Saint Laurent Paris Fashion Week 2022
– Zhengting is the Champion for Masked Dance King China Season 3 last September 4, 2022

Zhengting is into extreme sports like sky diving, paragliding, bungee jumping.
– He is an anime figure collector, a weeb and an anime otaku
– Zhengting is allergic to cats but owns 4 cats: Louise, Pipi, Yuumi, & DD (previously it was 5 but Shiyi passed away).
– He has a big aquarium with 2 clownfish, 2 seahorses, 1 small crab, 1 sea urchin and a snail.
– Zhengting has 3 dogs:  Wubaiwan, Fuli, and Guoba.
– Has one tattoo on his hip, previously tattooed as “Mr.Nice”, now covered by a Feather Tattoo.
– He knows how to speak in Mandarin, Korean, and English
– His hobbies are dancing, singing, swimming, watching movies, eating, drinking, playing games and reading novels.
– He doesn’t like to eat raw fish.
– Zhengting knows how to play the piano and is learning music composition with his brother-in-law as his teacher.
– He knows how to play the guitar and even bought 1 electric guitar and 1 acoustic guitar
– He is allergic to peanuts
– Zhengting drinks warm milk before going to bed, and he loves milk tea with pudding and additional bobba in it
– He likes to do arts and crafts on his free time to distress (oil painting, scented-candle making)
– Zheng Zheng is into training in martial arts and boxing
– Zhengting loves to travel and his favorite city is Paris
– He has bowls and cups in his house that was made by himself
– Zhengting loves to drink tea in the afternoon, alone, reading books and playing a vinyl record
– Most of the paintings in his house are painted by himself
– He likes to play mobile and online games
– A certified animal parent

– He’s very flexible, a good cook and is easily terrified but still loves to watch horror movies.
– His motto is “The curtain to life’s stage can be open any time, the key is your willingness to perform or choose to avoid it”
– Zhengting often receives compliments like “he is not just a handsome face, he is hardworking and capable.”
– He always receives high praises from his co-stars & co-workers from the director, the artists to the production team and crew for being professional, punctual, skillful, down to earth, approachable and respectful.
– Zheng once mentioned in Master in the House that he dreams to propose on a Ferris wheel date with the girl he wants to marry
– He always say that he has no bad angles and he looks good 360′ in any pictures
– Zhengting may look mysterious and cold but he has a bubbly and very sweet and cheerful personality.

Zhu Zhengting’s Album/Single/OST

First Full Album《T》(8 songs) | 2022
信尔《Xin Er》 – OST of The Heaven’s Official Blessing | 2021
“陷” Sink | 2021
Empty Space ft Wang Ziyi | 2020
Chapter Z (Flip, 都要好好的 Must be Good, 旁观者 Bystander) | 2019
活著的時間 (Time to Live) | 2019
Hi Buddy – Memory Nine Percent | 2019
待签收 (Waiting for a Sign)  | 2019
Young Power | 2019
You’re My Light | 2019
Hi Wake Up | 2019
Green Christmas | 2018
Want U – NEXT TO YOU | 2018
冬日告白 (The Winter Light) | 2018
Run Away | 2018

TV Drama/Movie appearances

The Whole World is Waiting for You to Break Up (全世界都在等你们分手) [Tan Jun Yan] | (Currently Filming)
Su Ji (苏记) [Qi Feng Xiang] | TBA (Done filming)
Novoland: The Princess From Plateau (九州·朱颜记)  [Yi Wu You] | TBA (Done filming)
The Silence of the Monster (孤独的野兽)  [Luo Bin] | TBA (Done filming)
Floating Youth (冰球少年) Shen Zhou Zhou (HunanTV/MangoTV) | 2022

Vanguard [Shen Diao] | 2020
Marna (Unreleased Movie) [Li Cong] | 2018

Variety Show Appearances

It Sounds Incredible Season 2 | 2022
Best Stage Concert S2 | 2022
Masked Dance King S3 | 2022
Snow Day | 2022
Camping Life | 2022
Hello, Saturday!  | 2022
The Feast | 2022
Let’s Fall In Love Season 3 | 2021
Learn Intangible Cultural Heritage with Stars | 2021
Youth and Melody | 2021
Hardcore Junior Ice and Snow Season | 2021
Super Hit Season 1 | 2020-21
Let’s Fall In Love Season 2 | 2020
Sisters Who Make Waves | 2020
The Greatest Dancer (Dance Mentor) | 2020
Woof Meow Story | 2020
Youth With You Season 2 & Youth With You VIP (Guest Mentor)| 2020
The Protectors | 2019
Masked Singer Season 4  | 2019
Let’s Fall In Love Season 1 | 2019
Meet at Temple of Heaven | 2019
Tide Tour Tokyo | 2019
Attention, All Visitors | 2019
IQIYI 2019 Fan Fiesta  | 2019
Master in the House | 2019
Beautiful Youth | 2019
Youth With You (Senior)| 2019
More Than Forever| 2019
We Are Not At Home Tomorrow | 2018
Space Challenge | 2018
Fantasy Restaurant | 2018
King of Bots | 2018
Brave World | 2018
Truth! Flowers and Everything | 2018
Nine Percent: Flower Road Journey| 2018
Keep Running: Season 6 | 2018
Happy Camp | 2018, 2019, 2020
Idol Producer (Trainee) | 2018
Produce 101 Korea Season 2 (Trainee) | 2017

Zhu Zhengting’s Latest Stage

Zhu Zhengting’s Endorsements


Naraka Bladepoint Game
Yves Saint Laurent
Blackhead NZ
SSR Yoghurt Drink
Youku VIP Spokesperson

Tissot Watches
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 (Snow Day ambassador)
Tsingtao Beer (Beijing Winter Olympics 2022)
Hugo Boss
Perfect Diary
Kimberlite Diamond
Watsons Distilled Water
Green Vegetable Carpool
Bosadeng Winter Coats
Star Sugar
Paul Frank
Cloris Land
Watsons Bird’s Nest
Chow Sang Sang Love Secret Words Series

Zhu Zhengting’s Awards

Sina Fashion Awards “Fashion Pioneer Artist of the Year Award” | 2021
Rayli Beauty Awards “Most Promising Actor of the Year” | 2021
Protector of Endangered Species – Society of Entrepreneurs & Ecology (SEE) | 2021
Youth Public Welfare Ambassador- China (Shanghai) Public Welfare Concert | 2021
Most Popular and Beloved Male Artist of the Year – OK! Magazine Awards | 2021
Most Fashionable and Charming Singer of the Year – Madame Figaro Fashion Gala | 2021
Best & Most HIT Singer – Super Hit Awards | 2021
Most Charming Stage – Super Hit Awards | 2021
Most Popular Group of the Year (乐华NEXT) Douyin Star Night Awards | 2021
Hot Fashion Artist of the Year (Sina Fashion Style Awards)| 2020
Sustainable Development of Fashion Brands of the Year Award (Sina Fashion Style Awards)| 2020
Best Male Group of the Year (乐华NEXT) JSTYLE Awards | 2020
Leap Idol of the Year (MAHB Awards) | 2019
Public Welfare Ambassador of the Year (HELLO Children’s Charity Project) | 2019
Rank 65th Most Beautiful Face in Asia (TCC Asia Pacific) | 2019
Rising Star (Figaro Fashion) | 2019
Fashion Influential Male Star of the Year (Sohu Fashion Festival) | 2019
Annual Rising Star of the year (Baidu Annual Conference) | 2018
Most Handsome Male Idol of the Year (COSMO Fashion Beauty Ceremony) | 2018
Charity Ambassador of the Year (16th Esquire Man At His Best Awards) | 2018
Popularity Supernova (Netease Awards) | 2018

Zhengting’s Dance Cover – FLIP 
Zhengting’s Flip MV

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