Nine Percent Members Still Keep Their Boy Group Name In Their Biographies

Following R1SE’s XNINE members – Yan Xujia, Xia Zhiguang and Zhao Lei – removing R1SE from their bios, NINE PERCENT remains the only boy group whose members still keep their group’s name in their bio after disbandment.

In a post shared by a Weibo influencer highlighting this fact, netizens shared their thoughts on the situation.

Nine Percent Members

Netizens react to Nine Percent Members Still Retaining The Group’s Name In Their Weibo Biographies

Weibo Influencer Post [1]: Out of the limited-time boy groups in China, NINE PERCENT is the only one whose members have kept the limited-time group’s name in their bios. Cai Xukun, Chen Linong, Fan Chengcheng, Justin Huang, Lin Yanjun, Zhu Zhengting, Wang Ziyi, Xiao Gui, You Zhangjing – NPC’s group spirit forever.

Netizens React:


You scared me, NINEPERCENT forever [+7166]

NINEPERCENT is always the ceiling 💙 [+4679]

NINEPERCENT yyds [godly] [+3267]

NINEPERCENT’s really quite good, even though 🥝’s promotion was terrible and Yuehua’s not a person [+2315]

YYDS, always support 9%! [+1407]

People who chase light will also glow, jiayou Justin Huang [good luck] [+1307]

Weibo influencer post [2]: Out of all the local limited-time groups, only one has disbanded but all members have kept the name of the limited group, no one got rid of it – this is our NINE PERCENT!

Netizens React

[+2869] We just, have never changed to have the same profile picture, have never changed to have the same ID, but in the bio, after disbanding, no one changed it either

[+1453] Since you mentioned NINE PERCENT, let me put a picture of the “perfect looks” group

[+1163] Real ceiling of survival shows

[+986] While they were a group they didn’t have the prefix but after they disbanded they didn’t get rid of the group verification. This is the peaceful feelings between these nine people

[+422] There’s also irregular meetups of small groups on stages, yyds

[+292] The best, and also the most regretful

Fans Share Their Thoughts In Hashtag Discussion

How come I feel that every once in a while this one gets pulled out to be talked about again… Weren’t they always good? You don’t need to specially cue that they’re good… [+46]

No wonder there are so many group stans, other groups change more and more quickly [+150]

Speechless Disbanded, so they can’t get on the hot search? If you are upset, spend money to squash [the hot search]. Why come to the group hot search to speak, if they’ve disbanded for 800 years why are you clicking on the hot search?

Group stans will promote the group in the group hot search. Thinking about it, no one will go to individuals’ hot searches to promote [the group], but you come and talk here, talking about group spirit. It’s just because your idol is too lazy to change their bio. Oh~ You’re really the worm in your idol’s stomach [you know what they’re thinking about]. I know you spent a lot of money, but don’t talk about money in every situation, okay? If you always talk about money, that’s really shallow, bro. You think you’re a immortals? It’s really like immortals farting, the sound is different. [+131]

It’s been three years and NINE PERCENT’s still on the hot search 😂😂 We want to be lowkey but our ability doesn’t let us 🤭 [+192]

Is NINE PERCENT really not considering restarting group activities? I’m just an onlooker fan but I want it!! [+190]

Fans on Weibo Respond To A Poll On Nine Percent

Is Nine Percent a survival show boy group you like?

Weibo Users respond to a poll “Is Nine Percent A Group That You Like?

Poll Results

Yes, I like them, yyds [godly] +47,000 Likes
Don’t like them +1647 Likes

What do you think about Nine Percent members still keeping the boy group’s name in their bios? Share your thoughts with us below!

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