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Cai Xukun is a C-pop singer, songwriter and producer, born on August 2, 1998. He is the former center and leader of project group, Nine Percent. He was also a part of the boy group, SWIN-S.


Name: Cai Xukun
Chinese Name (Simplified & Traditional): 蔡徐坤
English Name: KUN (Previously August)
Nicknames: Kun, Kunkun, Zhumi, Cai Xiaokui, Dakui, Mimi, 西红柿 (Tomato)
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 2, 1998
Place Of Birth: Wenzhou, Zhejiang
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Tiger
Height: 184cm
Weight: 65 kg
Occupation: Chinese Idol, Singer-songwriter/Producer
Agency: KUN Studio
Associated Acts: NINEPERCENT, SWIN

Official Social Media Accounts

Weibo: 蔡徐坤
KUN’s Studio Weibo: 蔡徐坤工作室
Spotify: KUN
Youtube: 蔡徐坤官方专属频道 Kun’s Official Channel | KUN
Instagram: @caixukun
Oasis: 蔡徐坤
Douyin: 蔡徐坤

Fandom Facts

Fandom Name: IKUN (爱坤)
Official fandom color: Royal Gold (王者金)  
Weibo Official Fanclub accounts: 


  • Cai Xukun participates actively in the planning, creation, and execution of all his songs, stages and activities. He is often credited as Lyricist/Composer/Producer in his solo works.
  • To date, Cai Xukun has performed over 250 stages and released 18 original songs with 2 unreleased.
  • He has very diverse music styles from R&B to Hip-Hop and Pop and is in general very open to trying and experimenting with new styles. 
  • His single “Lover” (情人) was a hit song in 2020, topping the charts and being covered and featured on many shows like Sister Who Breaks Waves, Shine! Super Brothers and Youth With You 3
  • As a perfectionist, he often goes to great lengths to achieve what he envisions, even personally flying to Korea to participate in the editing of his first MV “Pull Up” because the initial draft did not capture what he had in mind. 
  • He also took on the role of MV Director in his most recent concept trailer, “#0000FF”, on top of being the lyricist, composer and producer for the track.
  • Xukun released his first full length album on 13 April 2021, with the initial release containing 3 tracks – #0000FF,迷, and 默片. The album broke the 24 hours sales record with CNY 65 million in total and is also the fastest album to hit CNY 60 million.
  • Cai Xukun was born in Wenzhou, Zhejiang but spent his childhood in Huaihua, Hunan with his grandparents. He later went to school in Shenzhen before going to the USA to study. Shortly after, he moved to Korea to train and participate in Super Idol (星动亚洲)
  • He surprised his parents when he voiced at a young age that he wanted to be someone on the stage.
  • Cai Xukun was a contestant in Super Idol S1 & S2, showing immense growth over the seasons and eventually became the 2nd contestant chosen to debut. 
  • On 18 October 2016, Cai Xukun debuted with SWIN as a member of the sub-unit SWIN-S. His position in the group was high tone rapper. 
  • After terminating his contract with his management company (Pelias) on grounds of mismanagement, he went on to participate in Idol Producer (偶像练习生) as an independent trainee.
  • Cai Xukun was the voted center of Idol Producer theme song “Ei Ei”
  • He ranked first throughout the eliminations on Idol Producer and debuted as the center of the debut group NINEPERCENT with 47,640,887 votes. He is also the leader of the group.
  • Xukun established his studio, KUN Studio, shortly after debut to manage his activities
  • He is widely known as a fashion darling, having featured on many top tier magazines in China. He is also the spokesperson for Prada and De Beers. 
  • Xukun has a great appetite and can finish 3 steaks (or more) on his own
  • Cai Xukun joined Youth With You 2 as PD and was well received by trainees and audiences alike for being kind, considerate, dedicated and fair towards the trainees. 
  • He joined Keep Running (奔跑吧) as a regular cast in 2020 and has since cast aside his past as a ‘black hole’ of games by demonstrating how he is both witty and athletic. 
  • Kun is afraid of heights
  • Cai Xukun has a pet dog of the Schnauzer breed but has yet to reveal her name, only calling her his ‘daughter’. 
  • He often contributes to charity, leading by example. He set up 葵计划, a charity for children, in 2019, sang 山河无恙在我的胸 and HOME to deliver hope during the COVID19 pandemic, participated in charity on his birthday and more.
  • While he spends most of his free time on music, his hobbies include playing basketball, ice-skating/roller blading, swimming and riding a bike. 
  • Cai Xukun has some experience in acting, taking on the lead role Ye Lin in I won’t Be Bullied By Girls in 2017. He also acted as a child, playing the teenage version of Huo Ke (portrayed by Hejiong) in Lock Me Up, Tie Him Down, amongst other roles. 
  • He often says “花花世界,静守己心” which means to stay true to your heart in a world of temptations.

Albums and Singlles

迷 – Album | 2021
情人 (Lover) | 2020
Home | 2020
山河无恙在我胸 (The Mountains And Rivers On My Chest) with Tong Liya | 2020
重生 (Rebirth) | 2019
梦 | 2019
蒙着眼 (Blindfolded) | 2019
YOUNG | 2019
Hard To Get | 2019
Bigger | 2019
没有意外 (No Exceptions) | 2019
一起笑出来 (Let’s Laugh Out Loud) with Jackie Chan | 2019
Wait Wait Wait | 2018
Pull Up | 2018
It’s You | 2018
I Wanna Get Love | 2017

标签 (Title) | 2020
那年春天 | 2019

TV Drama/Movie appearances

我才不会被女孩子欺负呢 (I Won’t Be Bullied By Girls) – 叶麟 (Ye Lin) | 2018

Variety Show Appearances 

Keep Running Season 5 | 2021
Bravo Youngster | 2021
冬梦之约 (Winter Dream Promise) | 2021
我要上春晚 2020 | 2020
Tomorrow Calls 叩响明天 | 2020
Keep Running Yellow River | 2020
Keep Running Season 4 | 2020
Youth With You Season 2 & Youth With You VIP  | 2020
More Than Forever | 2019
遇见天坛 | 2019
巅峰之夜 World’s Got Talent | 2019
蔡徐坤的未完成 Cai Xukun’s Unfinished | 2019
Idol Hits | 2018
Nine Percent: Flower Road Journey | 2018
Happy Camp | 2018, 2019, 2020
Day Day Up 天天向上| 2018
Idol Producer | 2018
心动的味道 | 2016
Super Idol Season 1 & 2 | 2015, 2016

Latest MV

Awards and Nominations

2nd Tencent Music Entertainment Awards – Ten Best Songs of the Year, Most Inspiring Singer, Most Influential Singer-Songwriter | 2021
Migu Music Awards – Most Popular Male Singer (Mainland China), Best Male Singer, Top 10 Songs of the Year | 2020
Cosmo Awards 2020 – Annual Idol Youth Award, Person of The Year | 2020
27th Chinese Top Ten Music Awards – Best Male Singer, Most Popular Asian Singer, Internet Influence Award | 2020
iQiyi Scream Night 2021 – Singer Of the Year, Youth Producer Of the Year | 2020
GQ 2020 Men of the Year Awards – Upward Force of the Year | 2020
17th Esquire Man At His Best Awards – Man of The Year Award | 2020
2019 Weibo Awards – Most Popular Musician of the Year | 2020
Tencent Video All Star Awards – Marketable Artist of the Year | 2019
iQiyi Scream Night 2020 – All-Rounded Star of the Year | 2019
Cosmo Beauty Awards 2019 – Person of The Year | 2019
GQ 2019 Men of the Year Awards – Idol of the Year | 2019
16th Esquire Man At His Best Awards – Music Idol of the Year | 2019
Fresh Asia Music Awards 2019 – Most Influential Idol of the Year | 2019
26th Chinese Top Ten Music Awards – Most Popular Male Singer, Top 10 Songs of The Year | 2019
People’s Republic of China – Outstanding Youth Leader, Goodwill Ambassador of China – Jamaica | 2019
Tencent Video All Star Awards – New Power Character of the Year, Music Star of the Year | 2018
Baidu Awards – Most Artist’s Fan Power Award | 2018
Today’s Headlines Annual Ceremony – Annual Headline Icon Of The Year | 2018
The 1st Sir Cultural and Entertainment Congress – Annual Artist with the Most Commercial Value | 2018
2017 Weibo Awards – Popular Newcomer | 2018
Sohu Fashion Awards – Popular Male Artist of The Year | 2018
Sogou Award Ceremony – Annual Male Artist Popularity Award, Peak Artist of the Year | 2018
Migu Music Awards – Golden Melody Award, Best Ringback Music Selling Singer | 2018
15th Esquire Man At His Best Awards – Man of The Year Award | 2018
Cosmo Awards 2018 – Annual Idol Youth Award | 2018
GQ 2018 Men Of The Year Awards – Newcomer Of The Year | 2018


De Beers
M-Zone 中国移动
Hey Yep 汤臣倍健
Ambrosial 安慕希
康师傅 喝开水 Master Kong
Clé de Peau Beauté
Yanjing Beer
Panasonic Beauty


KUN ONE North America/U.K. Tour 2019
Xukun’s MV- Young

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