Flourish In Time – Ancy Deng Enxi and Zhang Linghe

Drama Introduction

Flourish In Time (你陪着我的那些时光) is a Chinese drama starring Ancy Deng Enxi, Zhang Ling He as the main leads and Ren Shi Hao, Tan Yan Yan, Zhang Jiashuo and Guo Xinyu as the supporting cast. The drama is a warm and sweet campus drama directed by directed by Jiang Jinlin.

Flourish In Time

Title: Flourish In Time (我和我的时光少年) 
Episodes: 24
Film Location: Ningde
Main Cast: Deng Enxi and Zhang Linghe
Broadcast Date: May 28, 2021
Frequency: 2 episodes every Wednesday and Thursday
End of Broadcast: July 1, 2021
Adapted Novel: 谁能凭爱意将月亮私有

Drama Summary:

The youth campus drama follows the story of the male and female leads who accompany each other as they grow up together. They also guard each other, and get entangled in a web of relationships. While the leads started off having a platonic relationship at first, they slowly enter the coming of age where they progress from a “sibling” relationship into that of lovers. The drama is originally adopted from the romance novel, “Who Can Count On Love To Have The Moon All To Themselves.” (谁能凭爱意将月亮私有)

Plot Synopsis:

A love story ensures between the kind and brave Lu Miao, and the cold and aloof student Jiang Hao Yue. The two accompany each other and heal each other as they grow up together.

After a car accident, Lu Miao finds out that she has a new older brother, Jiang Hao Yue. After realizing that Jiang Hao Yue had seemingly introverted personality, Lu Miao takes up martial arts to try and become a Jiang Hao Yue’s protector. She hoped to be the female knight to him, who she regarded as a fallen prince. Jiang Hao Yue also tries his best to protect Lu Miao in his own peculiar way.

For Lu Miao, Jiang Hao Yue is the embodiment of moonlight that she has spent her entire youth chasing after. However, like the moon, he runs away from the sun. Without her realizing it, she has gradually became the sun that illuminates Jiang Hao Yue’s whole world.

As Lu Miao enters high school and finds a new group of friends, she gradually realizes that her feelings for Jiang Hao Yue progressed beyond the point of mere siblings. Shi Che’s (portrayed by Ren Shi Hao) arrival in Lu Miao’s life makes Jiang Hao Yue feel uneasy. Soon enough, the pair realize that their love has progressed beyond the point of just a platonic love story.

Flourish In Time Trailer:

Cast & Characters:

Ancy Deng En Xi

Deng En Xi
Deng Enxi as Lu Miao

Ancy Deng En Xi 邓恩熙 as Lu Miao 陆苗
Lu Miao is straightforward, kind-hearted and brave. While she is also a naive girl, she likes to fight against injustice, and loves everything that has nothing to do with learning. She regards Jiang Hao Yue as her moon, and apart from her, nobody else is allowed to “bully” him.

Zhang Ling He

Zhang Ling He
Zhang Ling He as Jiang Hao Yue

Zhang Ling He 张凌赫 as Jiang Hao Yue 江皓月
Jiang Hao Yue is a cold and aloof boy. Like a lonely white moon in the water, and he does not care about anything except for Lu Miao. Under Lu Miao’s companionship, Jiang Hao Yue’s cold exterior gradually melts away and he becomes more daring to try new things.

Supporting Cast and Characters

Ryan Ren Shi Hao

Ren Shi Hao

Ryan Ren Shi Hao (任世豪) as Shi Che 施澈
Like the sun, he is cheerful, passionate and righteous. As the principal’s son, he is the most unique person in the school. He has average basketball skills but considers himself a basketball god. He believes Lu Miao is the one for him.

Tan Yan Yan

Tan Yan Yan flourish in time

Tan Yan Yan 谭盐盐 as Xie Zi Ye 谢子叶
An alternative schoolmaster, she has an elegant appearance and an arrogant heart, and helps Lu Miao on her road to love. She creates her destiny by scoring boys, but in the end falls for Shi Che, who has a negative score.

Zhang Jiashuo

Zhang Jiashuo

Zhang Jiashuo (张家硕) as QuWei (曲魏)

Guo Xinyu

Guo Xinyu

Guo Xinyu 郭欣禹 as Chen Guoguo 陈果果

Drama OST:

Flourish in Time – (时光少年) by Hu Xia (胡夏)

The Days When You Are Beside Me (你陪着我的那些时光) by Ye Xuan Qing (叶炫清)

Drama Reviews

Flourish In Time

Positive reviews
“Deng Enxi’s acting is amazing! I watched 8 episodes in one breath to comment. I really like the overall rhythm of the show, so I don’t need to watch it at double speed. Lu Miao, played by Deng Enxi, is a girl full of vitality, who always seems to be passionate and active every day, just like a little sun. Looking at her makes me unconsciously happy. Deng Enxi showed us a vivid Lu Miao, whether it is the ghost horse Lu Miao who is naughty and teasing his brother’s male classmate, or the magical girl Lu Miao who makes a fortune to Congcong (the chicken on the rooftop in the play), Deng Enxi will Lu Miao played real and natural. As an actor who has acted in many movies, there is really nothing to say about acting.” – 小小辉麻麻  (5/5 stars)

“Attracted by the trailer, I was a little disappointed after watching the beginning of the first episode.

The opening song Hu Xia’s voice matched with the youthful faces of the actors and actresses, oh my god! This is youth! The director deserves to be the same one who filmed “Those Bygone Years”. It’s so right. The male and female protagonists have such explosive chemistry, pure heartfelt and throbbing. Their acting skills are not bad, but sometimes the plotline is a little awkward, relying on couple chemistry to save the awkward moments. I like that the protagonists grew up with each other, and that most of the time they co-existed in each other’s setting. The supporting roles are all right, I love the treasure this drama!”

Who can keep the moon privately for themselves to love? The name Jiang Haoyue really has the tune of the breeze and the rain, and the bright moon on the sea.” – 一颗杨梅 (5/5 stars)

Mediocre Reviews (2.5/5)

“Zhang Linghe…it’s a pity that this face is so handsome… such a handsome face, yet it’s such terrible plot… By the way, how Deng Enxi’s acting is so exaggerated It was okay to watch her movie last time, but after acting in a drama, her acting is so indescribable” – kill this love 

“It sucks beyond imagination, why does Deng Enxi want to take on such a stupid and sweet character 😓” – 普普(长个中 )

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Drama information adapted from Baidu

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