Dilireba and Gong Jun Are Rumored To Star in Upcoming Drama “Legend of Anle”

Dilireba and Gong Jun are rumored leads for “Legend of Anle”

The recent prospect of Dilireba and Gong Jun starring in the same drama has caused a huge buzz on the Chinese internet. Both are A-list celebrities, and have a huge fanbase.

Gong Jun’s Career So Far

Gong Jun

Although “Word Of Honor” has been over for some time, Gong Jun’s popularity has continued to soar. Moreover, unlike other top-tier players, they started to have a top-tier shelf when they became popular, and began to think about how to become a powerful faction in a low-key manner. Gong Jun is still more sincere. He has expressed his attitude from the beginning. As long as he can make money, he will be happy. Therefore, during the period after Gong Jun became popular, he began to appear in more variety shows and also participated in the same show as Zhang Zhehan. For example, he made appearances in shows such as “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves”, “CHUANG 2021”, and “I’m an Actress”.

Gong Jun is certainly one of the biggest up and rising stars in the entertainment industry. Since he is now considered a “liu liang” (a star with many fans), news about his casting in any drama is bound to attract much attention.

Recently there has been a lot of news that Dilireba and Gong Jun are going to work together in the costume drama “Legend of Anle”. Subsequently, this topic also took advantage of the trend to secure a place in the Weibo hot search. Although Dilireba’s and Gong Jun’s fans have both expressed that there is no official announcement yet, many are already anticipating it. The previously rumored male leads for the show were also Deng Lun and Xiao Zhan. Although the director of the drama, who is also the ‘Word of Honor’ director, allegedly picked Gong Jun instead.

Many netizens expressed that if both collaborate in “Legend of An;e”, it would be a work where fans would have very high expectations of. 

Gong Jun’s popularity can be seen in his drama with Zhang Huiwen, “The Flaming Heart.” Dillireba’s recent drama, “The Long Ballad” has also received good ratings and high viewership. Coupled with Dilireba’s popularity as one of China’s top female stars the drama would surely see many premium subscriptions.

Dilireba’s Career So Far


Dilireba is indeed one fo the female stars with the most amount of fans in China. Her recent drama, “The Long Ballad” has performed relatively well, and fans are already anticipating her upcoming project with Yang Yang, “You Are My Glory”.

This drama has always been said to be a highly anticipated show, purely because the male and female leads are both incredibly popular and good looking as A List celebs. There is also an upcoming collaboration between Dilireba and Ren Jialun in “The Blue Whisper”, which will almost certainly also become the talk of the town, given Ren Jialun’s veteran status as an actor.

Will Dilireba and Gong Jun Collaborate?

Thus, if Dilireba ever decides to work with Gong Jun, it would be a situation where two top stars meet, and the question would be whether the two top stars will have chemistry with each other. At present, the cast of “Legend of Anle” has not been officially announced.

For Gong Jun, he should be cautious of selecting his upcoming roles, as it would strongly relate to whether he can continue to maintain his popularity. At this time, if Gong Jun and Dilireba do collaborate together, the attention and enthusiasm for the show would be certainly guaranteed.

Do you think that Dilireba and Gong Jun will work together on the drama “Legend of Anle”? Will they receive the support of their fans? Share your thoughts with us below!

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  1. Xie xie Wei Jie❤️,much love from Uganda, I am looking forward to more dramas by Gong Jun after watching Word of honor and praying for ZZH to bounce back God willing.

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