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Xiao Zhan Profile and Facts

Xiao Zhan Profile and Facts

Xiao Zhan

Name: Xiao Zhan
English Name: Sean Xiao
Nickname(s): 战战; Zhan Zhan; 肖戰, Sean Xiao, Xiao Zhan, Sean;肖战, 小赞
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 5, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Goat
Place Of Birth: Chongqing, China
Nationality: Chinese
Ethnicity: Han Chinese
Blood Type: B
Weight: 64kg
Occupation: Singer and Actor
Education: Chongqing Technology and Business University
Associated Acts: X-NINE
Label: Wajijiwa Entertainment


 Social Media Accounts
Weibo: @X玖少年团肖战DAYTOY
Oasis: @X玖少年团肖战DAYTOY
Douyin: @肖战


Xiao Zhan

– Xiao Zhan is born in Chongqing, China (Sichuan Province)
– Xiao Zhan is the only child in his family
– He currently owns a cat called “Jian Guo” (坚果)
– Jian Guo frequently ranks top on the Weibo “pets” supertopic and is one of China’s hottest celebrity pets
– Since he rose to fame, Jian Guo is now taken care of by Xiao Zhan’s family members as he is too busy.
– As a Chongqing native, he has a good spice tolerance and can speak the Chongqing dialect fluently
– Xiao Zhan’s Dad made sure that he was brought up with an interest in culture and also encouraged him to pursue hobbies such as playing the violin and painting
– He began painting at the age of 8
– Xiao Zhan’s hobbies include painting, photography, reading and travelling
– In 2012, together with his friends he founded a photography studio and also a design studio
– Xiao Zhan’s love for singing was what made him decide to pursue the career of an idol
– Xiao Zhan is close to his parents and habitually contacts them often as he gets homesick sometimes
– Xiao Zhan is also fluent in his native Chongqing dialect
– Xiao Zhan is a graduate of Chongqing Technology and Business University.
– His faculty was at the Modern International Art Design Academy
– Xiao Zhan represented his university in a Chongqing city-wide Singing competition among universities in which he emerged as the second placed winner
– As a result of his vocal talent, he often performed in many campus performances and galas
– Xiao Zhan admitted (shyly) in an interview that he used to receive many confessions from girls back in his university days
– When asked if any of the girls he liked confessed to him before, he also shyly said yes but didn’t say how he responded to them (guess he’s just shy)
– In university, Xiao Zhan held leadership positions in the student association for vocalists
– He used to be the head tenor singer in his university’s choir
– Xiao Zhan’s road to stardom started in 2015 when he joined the show “X FIRE” as a participant
– Xiao Zhan is the main vocalist and visual of the boy group XNINE
– Xiao Zhan is also a professional designer
– He once earned $200 000RMB from design gig
– He likes watching horror movies
– He enjoys eating raisins but does not like eating eggplants
– He loves to eat all kinds of meat and also potato chips, though he has good self control over when to eat junk food
-Xiao Zhan thinks he is a decent cook, and he can also cook good Sichuan Cuisine food 
– He prefers to adopt cats over dogs.
– He feels that cats are more low maintenance and would suit his busy schedule. 
-Xiao Zhan is a fan of Spongebob Squarepants, Spiderman, Marvel movies and Harry Potter
– Xiao Zhan revealed that when he first arrived in Beijing to pursue his idol career he was often living on very low income but did not want to take money from his parents.
– As a result he pursued hobbies that were inexpensive, one of which was running late at night.
– He encourages fans to take up the exercise running because it helped him to instil a sense of self-discipline and also helped him to stay in good shape and health.
– He believed that running also helped him to train his mind to become more resilient. 
– Xiao Zhan believes that the hallmark of what makes a good relationship is “Trust, respect and sincerity”
– When asked if he believed in love at first sight, Xiao Zhan replied, “It’s up to fate”
-Xiao Zhan became extremely popular in China as a result of his lead role as Wei Wuxian in “The Untamed.”
– He was selected for the role as Wei Wuxian as the director was looking for someone who had a ‘natural smile to his face’
– Xiao Zhan was brought to the attention of the directors for “The Untamed” as someone put in a referral for as he matched the description an actor who had a ‘natural smile to his face’
– Xiao Zhan said that if he could pick another role to try and act in for “The Untamed”, he would pick Xueyang
– Xiao Zhan became good friends with Xuan Lu and Wang Zhuocheng from The Untamed cast.
– Both both flew to visit him on his birthday while he was filming for “Joy of Life”
-Xiao Zhan became good friends with Wang Yibo after they starred in the drama, “The Untamed”
– They have had many failed attempts to meet up after filming the “The Untamed” one of which was to go snowboarding together, as Xiao Zhan wanted to learn how to snowboard from Wang Yibo. Unfortunately, both could not find a time to meet and Wang Yibo ended up going to snowboard alone. 
– Xiao Zhan has revealed that when he was asked to stare at Wang Yibo for the filming of “The Untamed” both couldn’t stop laughing. They always ended up ‘fighting’ because they would tell each other to stop laughing. 
– During the filming for the The Untamed, he injured his arm but this was never disclosed to the public as he did not wish to worry and alarm his fans
– Xiao Zhan has acknowledged that his role in “The Wolf” as Jichong is one of his most unforgettable roles, the director pushed him to take on a tougher personna which required him to bulk up and also keep a stubble. It was very hard work for him to adapt into character, but when he finally finished filming he was teary and very reluctant to leave the role as Jichong and felt that he had learnt immensely from his character, Jichong
– The name “Daytoy” was given to Xiao Zhan by a good friend
– Xiao Zhan’s fans added the nickname “Daytoy” behind his name as they wish for him to be happy everyday
– Xiao Zhan’s favourite singer is Stefanie Sun Yanzi
– He was able to finally meet her in real life in October 2019 to pose for a picture together
– When Xiao Zhan met Stefanie Sun he was extremely shy and kept bowing to her, resulting in both just exchanging bows when they met in front of the entrance of the door 
– Xiao Zhan’s single “Light” is currently the bestselling single on QQ Music with over 34 Million digital sales and downloads.

 Fandom Facts

– Xiao Zhan’s fans are called “小飞侠” (Xiǎo fēi xiá).
– His fandom name translates to “Peter Pan” in English 
– The word “xiá” is also another pun for shrimp in Chinese
– His fans use the shrimp emoji “🦐” as a reference to the fandom
– The official fandom color is Red
– The fandom fan chat is “肖烟四起 为战而来” (Xiāoyān sìqǐ wéi zhàn ér lái)
– The fan chant can be roughly translated to mean “As the war descends, we are here for “Zhan” (which also translates to ‘war’).
-He picked the fandom name himself, and said that the reason for calling his fans “小飞侠” is because Peter Pan embodies values of courage and a desire to always win.
-The name also originated from a drawing by Xiao Zhan, depicting a Peter Pan in a red cloak. 

Drama Series
– Yu Gu Yao (玉骨遥) | TBA
– Ace Troops (王牌部队) | TBA
– The Oath of Love (余生请多指教)| 2021
– Duoluo Continent (斗罗大陆) | 2021
– The Wolf (狼殿下) | 2020
– Heros In Harms Way (最美的逆行者) | 2020
– Joy of Life (庆余年) | 2019
– The Untamed (陈情令)| 2019 
– Oh! My Emperor: Season 2 (哦!我的皇帝陛下; 这个皇上我要了 2) | 2019 
– Fights Break Sphere: Season 1 (斗破苍穹) | 2018
– Oh! My Emperor: Season 1 (哦!我的皇帝陛下; 这个皇上我要了)| 2018
– Shuttle Love Millennium (相爱穿梭千年2:月光下的交换 ) | 2016
– Super Star Academy (超星星学园) | 2016

– Jade Dynasty (诛仙) | 2019
– The Rookies (素人特工)| 2019
– Monster Hunt 2  (捉妖記2)| 2018


Awards and Nominations
– TCC China #1 Most Influential Face of China | 2020
– TCC Asia #1 Most Handsome Faces of 2020 | 2020
– The “Weibo King” Award | 2020
– IFPI Global Digital Single Chart #7 | 2020
– Singer With The Most Digital Albums Sold (Weibo Entertainment White Paper Award) | 2020
– TCCAsia Top #1 Most Handsome Face in Asia | 2019
– Forbes list of 30 under 30 in China | 2019
– Golden Tower Award for Best Actor | 2019
– Won Best Actor Award (“The Untamed”) at the 3rd Yinchuan Internet Film Festival | 2019
– COSMO Fashion Beauty Festival  Celebrity Of The Year | 2019
– TMEA Tencent Music Entertainment  Music Festival Annual Golden Song (无羁) Award Wi8nner | 2019
– Baidu’s Hottest Rising Star Of The Year Award | 2019
– Tencent Entertainment Annual Star Awards Ceremony Chinese Drama TV Actor Of The Year Award | 2019
– iQiyi Scream Popular Actor Of the Year Award (“The Untamed”) | 2019


Singles and Discography
Youth On Horseback – Douluo Continent OST | 2021
The Luckiest Luck – The Oath of Love OST | 2021
The Oath of Love OST | 2021
Light (光点) | 2020
Remaining Years (余年) | 2019
Two Tigers (两只老虎) | 2019
Laughter From The Deep Blue Sea (沧海一声笑) | 2019
My Chinese Heart (我的中国心) | 2019
Unrestrained (无羁) | 2019
Questioning Youth (问少年) | 2019
The Ending Melody of Chen Qing (曲尽陈情) | 2019
Satisfaction (满足) | 2018
Step On Shadows (踩影子) | 2018


 Brand Endorsements (Past & Present)
Rose Only
Kai Xiao Zao
Luckin Tea
Zhen Guo Li
Meng Niu
Deluxe Ice Cream

Man Han Feast




Xiao Zhan’s Latest Stage



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