Shen Teng Tags Wei Da Xun in Yang Mi’s Weibo Post, Intensifying Rumours That The Pair Are Dating

On 19th December, Yang Mi updated a gorgeous selfie of her wearing a green hoodie.



Shen Teng commented out of the blue on Yang Mi’s Weibo post, deliberately tagging Wei Da Xun in his comment “@WeiDaXun Why haven’t you commented?[Confused emoji]”



Fans immediately flocked to comment on Yang Mi’s weibo, saying “Shen Teng, are you high or drunk?” Others also commented saying “Shen Teng, do you have some insider information that we don’t?”

Wei Da Xun has been spotted hanging out with Yang Mi on numerous occasions this year, following her high profile divorce from Hawick Lau in December last year.  Hawick has since moved on from their relationship with Hong Kong model Roxanne Tong.

Eagle-eyed Chinese netizens have also identified the pair wearing matching couple shoes and hats on previous occasions.

The two have also most recently been spotted entering the same hotel with Wei Da Xun leaving only in the morning.

Image result for yang mi wei da xun

As rumours of Yang Mi and Wei Da Xun dating continue to trend on Weibo, both sides have yet to take proactive steps to confirm the relationship.

What do you think of the relationship between Yang Mi and Wei Da Xun?

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