Guo Qilin said his father Guo Degang didn’t know he acted in “Joy Of Life”

On December 19, Guo Qilin revealed in an interview that he does not follow the Chinese drama, Joy Of Life as it aired on TV, despite acting in the show. The 23 year old replied,”I’m usually quite busy.”

The son of  the famous Chinese actor and comedian, Guo Degang, also said that he didn’t think he would be very likeable when he played Fan Shi. However, he smiled at the end of the interview after looking at online reviews, “Maybe I’m more likeable than I thought!”

The interviewer then asked “Did you get Guo Degang (his father’s) compliment?”

Guo Qilin replied saying “He didn’t even know that I acted in this drama … he doesn’t know what I do,” much to the amusement of fans.

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