Zhang Jie Was Pleasantly Surprised By Xie Na and His Studio On His Birthday

On December 20, Zhang Jie ’s studio updated their page with a video of Zhang Jie’s birthday celebration, captioned: “After the performance for the drama.”


Right after his performance last night, Zhang Jie suddenly received a request for an ‘interview” backstage, which turned out to be a surprise birthday party organised by Xie Na and his Studio for the singer’s 37th Birthday.

The small room was also packed with all of Zhang Jie’s colleagues and managers, who looked excited for the occasion. Zhang Jie made his wish before blowing the candles, although the candle flame almost caused one of his braids to catch fire.


Nevertheless, the entire backstage was filled with a warm and happy atmosphere as Zhang Jie drank his birthday wine with his wife and fellow colleagues.

C-Netizens also wished Zhang Jie a happy birthday on Weibo. Some have commented: “Ah-jie (Zhang Jie) is so cute when he was getting scared.” “Ah Jie has lots of cake everywhere, happy birthday to him!”

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/jdUGywDhor0″ align=”center” /]

Watch the amusing video of Zhang Jie’s birthday surprise above!

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