Meng Ziyi Profile and Facts

Meng Ziyi Profile and Facts

Name: Meng Ziyi
Chinese Name: 孟子义
Nicknames: Zoey, Mengmeng
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Female
Birthday: 5 December 1995
Place Of Birth: Changchun, Jilin, China
Education: Beijing Film Academy
Blood Type: O
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac: Pig
Height: 1.70 m (5”5)
Weight: 47 kg
Occupation: Actress, model
Agency: Yuekai Entertainment

Meng Ziyi Facts
–  Meng Ziyi started acting at the age of 18.
–  Ziyi’s most beloved pet is Chocolate, a 3-year-old pomeranian. She used to have two dogs, but she gave the other one to her aunt because that doggo and Chocolate would always fight.
– Her official fandom name is called níngméng (柠檬) which means lemon, because it sounds like her surname Meng.
– In 2013, Meng Ziyi was accepted into the Performance Department of Beijing Film Academy. At the beginning of her schooling, her classmates posted her photos on Weibo where she got popular in a poll of 谁是北电校花 (“Who is the Beijing Film School Flower”), and Meng Ziyi won the poll with her fresh and sweet image.
– About her role Wen Qing in The Untamed, she thinks they are similar in the way that they both strongly believe in their principles and follow them no matter what. (via @BuZhiDaoSubs)
– In an interview, she said that her weak point is that she can’t dance. (via @BuZhiDaoSubs)
– Meng Ziyi can do archery.
– She is close friends with actress and THE9 member Yu Shuxin (Esther), and they even lived together. They also appeared on First Grade Freshman together.
– She has collaborated with fashion big names such as Grazia China, Vogue China, Variety Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, among others.
– She has done photoshoots for Chic Banana, Men’s Uno, NewStar Fashion, Fashionable Beauty, Xinwei Magazine, ELLESHOP, etc.
– Her endorsements include Sa Sa Ladies Bag, Greenishpink, Coach Bags, Xiamen PanPan Iced Tea, Listerine, and sum:37° skin products.
–  She has been invited to Paris Fashion Week, Beijing Fashion Week, Tiffany & Co. exhibitions, OK! China Style Awards, and others.
– Meng Ziyi donated to the Han Hong Charity Foundation against the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak.
– When at home and on her days off, she prefers dressing comfortably rather than fashionably.

Meng Ziyi Fandom Facts
–  Name of fandom/fans: Lemons (柠檬 níngméng)
–  Official fandom colors: N/A
–  Weibo Fanclub account: Official Meng Ziyi Fanclub

Meng Ziyi Official Social Media Accounts
Weibo: @孟子义
Studio Weibo: @孟子义工作室
Oasis: @孟子义
Instagram: @mengziyi_
Douyin: ID:143976184

TV Drama & Movie Appearances
Abyss Walker | TBA
Sword Snow Stride (Hong Shu) | 2021
Charming and Countries (Fu Yusheng) | 2020/TBA
Rebirth of a Shopping Addict (Gao Yang) | 2020
The Legend of Xiao Chuo (cameo) | 2020
The Chinese Pilot (cameo) | 2019
The Untamed (Wen Qing) | 2019
Double Life (Xu Mengmeng) | 2018
Starlight (Su Yan) | 2018
All Out of Love (Song Weiyang) | 2018
Ever Night (Ye Hongyu) | 2018
The Legend of the Condor Heroes (Mu Nianci) | 2017
Season Love (Yang Yali) | 2017
Legend of the Fool 2 (Mei Ying) | 2016
God of War, Zhao Zilong (Shi Yan) | 2016
People’s Prosecutor (Zhou Wenwen) | 2016
Ensanguined Youth (Li Qingyue) | 2016
Valkyrie Hero (Lin Yun) | 2014

Variety Show Appearances
Day Day Up | 2020
Crazy Magic Show | 2019
Supernova National Games 2 | 2019
The Rule of Mushroom Stars | 2018
First Grade Freshman | 2017
Mango Fishing Star | 2017
Big vs Ace | 2016

Awards and Nomination
New Fashion Icon of Beijing Fashion Week | 2019
Positive Energy Model Awards | 2018


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