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Ancy Deng
Deng Enxi

Ancy Deng Enxi, is a Chinese actress born in Chongqing, China on April 18, 2005. In 2014, she was placed in the media spotlight at only 9 years old when she entered the China Chief Children’s Model Contest and finally won the national third place. 

In 2015, participated in the recording of Hubei Satellite TV’s youth group growth reality show ” Heroic Youth Town “. In 2016, she officially entered the show business circle due to his participation in his personal film debut “The Devotion of Suspect X.”


Deng Enxi

Name: Deng Enxi
English name: Ancy
Chinese Name: 邓恩熙
Birthdate: April 18, 2005
Place of Birth: Chongqing, China
Nationality: Chinese
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 44 kg
Star Sign: Aries
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rooster
Blood Type: AB
Ethnicity: Han Chinese
Occupation: Actress and Model
Agency: Times Fengjun Entertainment (TF Family)
Education: Chongqing No.1 Secondary School.

Social Media Accounts

Weibo: @邓恩熙

Fandom Facts

Fandom Name: Not announced.
Fandom Name Meaning: Not announced.
Fandom Color: Not announced.


  • Primary school: Donghe Chuntian Experimental School in Chongqing
  • Secondary school: Was a student at Chongqing No.1 Secondary School.
  • When she was 3 years old, she saw children practicing dance and became interested in it.
  • She loved hosting since she was a child and had training for a while.
  • At nine, she participated in a modelling contest and won the 3rd place.
  • When she was in the fifth grade, Deng Enxi was spotted by a talent scout.
  • She did a short self introduction audition and was recruited by the TF Family.
  • Initially she thought the Talent scout was a scammer initially unti they showed her the company’s office.
  • She prefers cats over dogs.
  • She usually prefers to hang on in groups for acquaintances.
  • Unless she is close with the particular person, she would not hang out one-on-one.
  • She would rather lose all her hair than to gain weight between the two options.
  • She is company’s first female trainee actress.
  • She is considered to be an actress with ‘good resources’ due to her being signed to the TF Family.
  • She learned to skateboarding prior to her role in “Project 17: Skate Our Souls”.
  • She likes to play the arcade dancing game, “Dance Dance Revolution.”
  • Favorite actress: Zhou Xun.
  • Boy Group Bias: EXO.
  • Favorite celebrity: EXO’s Byun Baekhyun
  • She is colleagues with members of the TF Family, including Bon Bon Girls’ youngest member, Zhang Yifan.
  • She hopes to be able to try out more acting roles, especially roles where she has a happy family
  • She says that most of her movie and drama roles so far are in sad settings where she is either orphaned or has a missing parent
  • Favorite food: Chinese BBQ, hotpot, fried chicken and all kinds of desserts.
  • She considers herself a foodie.
  • There has been controversy surrounding her actual age as she was represented to be born in “1995” before, that was later stated to be a mistake.
  • Due to her “mature” appearance, some netizens still have doubts as to her real age.

Character evaluation

  • “Deng Enxi’s acting is classical and sophisticated.” – Tencent Online Review.
  • “Although Deng Enxi is as strong as a queen on the stage of China’s chief children’s model contest, in private, she still has the innocence of children when she laughs (review of “family 家人”. In a set of fresh portraits, Deng Enxi’s smart eyes and double ponytails are so cute, and the air of a quiet girl rushes to her face” – Netease Entertainment Review
  • “The portrait of the girlish style of its forest is bright and pure, and the sweet smile reveals a girlish feeling” – Sina Entertainment Review
  • In “Devotion of Suspect X”, Deng Enxi controlled the pace of her crying scene very well. Although it was her first time acting, Deng Enxi’s performance in the film was unanimously affirmed by the cast on set. For example, director Su Youpeng praised her as an actress with a “promising future” – Tencent Entertainment, quoting Su Youpeng’s Comment

TV Dramas

  • Flourish in Time (我和我的时光少年) as Lu Miao | 2021
  • Twelve Legends (十二谭) as Xiao Yu | 2021
  • Legend of Awakening (天醒之路) as Su Tang | 2020
  • Detective Chinatown (唐人街探案) as Xiao Ai | 2020
  • Project 17: Skate Our Souls (极限17:滑魂) as Chen Ximing | 2019
  • Boyhood (我们的少年时代) as Xing Shanshan | 2017


  • Be Somebody as TBA | 2021
  • Hi Brothers (2哥来了怎么办) as Yang Tingyu | 2021
  • Summer Is the Coldest Season (少女佳禾) as Li Jiahe | 2020
  • A Cool Fish as Ma Yiyi (无名之辈) | 2018
  • Last Letter (你好,之华) as Zhi Nan (Young) / Yuan Mumu | 2018
  • The Devotion of Suspect X (嫌疑人x的献身) as Chen Xiaoxin | 2017

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