Zhang Zhehan ‘s Studio Lodge Police Report Against Fans Who Illegally Changed His Flight Boarding Details

Zhang Zhehan ‘s studio recently issued a warning against fans who have illegally intruded into the actor’s private life at the airport. The latest run-in had nearly caused a delay in the actor’s flight schedule, resulting in a great inconvenience for the actor and his team.

zhang zhehan
Zhang Zhehan (pictured)

According to Sina Entertainment, some fans have repeatedly tampered with Zhang Zhehan and his team member’s airport check-in details. This included changing Zhang Zhehan’s in-flight seat number without his knowledge or consent, and even cancelling some of the seats his team had booked while they were waiting to board their flight. The incident has since been reported to the police by his team. 

In a warning post written by Zhang Zhehan’s studio, a similar number of illegal behaviours displayed by obsessive fans have also occured. This included tailgating his car, attempting to obtain private information such as the actor’s place of accommodation, where the actor was headed to after his airport arrivals, following him on flights and more. His studio has made it unequivocal that they would seek legal recourse against such intrusive acts by his fans if necessary.

zhang zhehan word of honor

The full statement made by his studio is as such:

Today, a situation took place the airport where the check-in information of Mr. Zhang Zhehan and his team became repeatedly tampered with. Someone had used the personal identification documents of the actor and his staff to cause nuisance. The team immediately responded to the problem with the help of the airport staff and brought up the case to the police. They have also made a transcript to facilitate the collection of evidence.

What transpired so far:

1. The boarding pass of the actor and his team members was already been printed. Yet, while waiting to board the plane, the seat numbers suddenly became modified and even cancelled!

2. Some even tried to contact the staff members privately in an attempt to obtain private information on the actor’s accommodation etc for a fee!

3. Those who follow the actor to secretly take photos and even board the same flight have affected the public order and caused nuisance to other passengers’ during their flight. They have caused congestion at the airport and this has even almost resulted in a stampede!

4. Some have also behaved irrationally while tailgating [the actor’s car], without caring about the risk of a car accident!

5. Others have also followed the actor and team staff into the hotel. Some even followed the actor to the golf course and other private trips!

A serious statement is to be made: These circumstances have seriously affected the personal safety of the actors. Any form of illegal behavior will be not be tolerated. We will not hesitate to use legal means to hold the perpetrators accountable if necessary!”

– Zhang Zhehan’s Studio

While Zhang Zhehan has won the heart of many fans after his outstanding performance in “Word of Honor”, we hope that fans will be able to love him rationally by also paying respect to his private life.

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