Tong Liya and Chen Sicheng Confirm Their Divorce

On May 20, Tong Liya confirmed her split with Chen Sicheng, to whom she was married to for nine years. The pair got married in 2011 and share a son together.

Tong Liya divorce
Tong Liya confirms her divorce

What Happened?

Earlier this morning, Chen Sicheng trending on Weibo under the hashtag “Chen Sicheng spotted at a hotel with beautiful ladies.” Many question why the actor, who was the husband of Tong Liya, was spotted out without his wife or his family.

Shortly afterwards, the actress stepped out to address the rumours.

Tong Liya and Chen Sicheng Confirms Amicable Split

On Weibo, the actress wrote:

"Life is worth it, and the future is something to look forward to. Thank you, Chen Sicheng."

tong liya divorce
The actress announced their divorce on Weibo

Similarly, the actor also echoed her sentiments and attached a photo of his ex-wife and son:

"2011-2020, the story has reached an end, you will both always be the people I love the most, I will protect you with in a different capacity"

Chen sicheng divorce
Chen Sicheng announced their divorce

It appeared that the couple had ended things on a friendly and amicable note. There was no hate or resentment.

How did Chen Sicheng and Tong Liya Meet?

The pair first met through the film, “Beijing Love Story” directed by Chen Sicheng. The actress acted alongside Chen Sicheng as one of the show’s main on screen couples. The movie became critically acclaimed in China and effectively shot the actress to fame.

Shortly after, the pair announced their relationship on the stage of the variety show, “Happy Camp” on March 17, 2012.

Chen Sicheng Tong Liya
The pair announced their love for each other on Happy Camp, touching show hosts He Jiong and Xie Na to the brink of tears

In the special episode documenting their confession for each other.

Tong Liya wrote, “Outsiders only know about your cool look, but they don’t see your care and love for me… The Sicheng in my eyes always spoils me in every possible way, hugs me, and sings nice songs to me.”

In response, Chen Sicheng also gave a reply: “Yaya, what I can do for you is to love you well when we are together and never let you be wronged.”

The sweet interaction between the two made everyone then believe that that this would become the beginning of a fairy tale love story. Tong Liya herself also said in a past interview about her relationship, “This is the destiny God gave me. It gave me this role [in the film Beijing Love Story]. Now it has now given me such love and even a family. “

Their wedding was held in Tahiti on January 16, 2014. On October 21, 2015, Chen Sicheng officially announced the good news that his wife was pregnant, and their son Xiao Duoduo was later born on January 30, 2016

A Brief Look At Their Relationship After Marriage

However, their marriage has not always been smooth. Chen Sicheng has been previously accused of cheating on multiple occasions, including right after their marriage. However, the actress has always stood up for her husband.

Yet, in public interviews, Chen Sicheng has always showed an esoteric understanding of marriage.

chen sicheng relationship
Chen Sicheng gave his views on his ideal marriage structure.

When asked by an interviewer what was his most ideal type of marriage – monogamy or polygamy, Chen Sicheng questioned the basis of monogamy, seemingly implying that polygamy was his preference.

When Tong Liya was questioned whether she could forgive a husband’s betrayal in a marriage, she replied simply, “as long as he goes home, it’s fine.”

Tong liya cheating
The actress responded to a question on a cheating spouse

In an interview where both parties were asked how they resolved their quarrels as couple, Chen Sicheng answered, “As long as there is any contradiction, I actually only need one thing, that is to quietly waiting for her to solve the issue herself.”

Tong Liya acknowledged she would be the first to apologize

Tong Liya replied, “If we are angry at each other and quarrel, it will not last more than 5 minutes, I will apologize first.”

Though early as 2017, there were already rumours that Tong Liya did not wear her wedding ring and therefore seemed to express intent to divorce her husband. But Chen Sicheng stepped to rubbish the rumours, and affirmed that they were still together.

Netizens Are Mostly Supportive of the Divorce

Most of Tong Liya’s fans appeared to be happy for the actress upon hearing the news. Comments included, “Congrats on recovering your bachelorette status! There’s many fresh faces for you to check out.” Others also seemed supportive and express that they could not believe it’s finally happening.

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