Tong Liya’s Past Love Letter To Chen Sicheng Becomes An Embarrassment Following Their Divorce

On May 20th, Chen Sicheng wrote a Weibo post announcing his divorce with Tong Liya.

The couple was previously regarded as one of China’s most high profile onscreen couple due to the success of their movie, “Beijing Love Story.”

tong liya divorce

Chen Sicheng and Tong Liya held their wedding in Tahiti on January 16, 2014. The day before the wedding, Tong Liya posted a romantic wedding photo of the two and expressed her love for her husband, saying that her relationship with Chen Sicheng was one where they were going to get married from the beginning. “There is no need to wait and see, no hesitation, he has always treated me sincerely, and I have never wavered.”

After their divorce, netizens revisit Tong Liya’s old post to see the stark contrast in their relationship.

Tong Liya ‘s Pre-Marriage Letter to the Public

Someone asked me why I got married so early.

Early? When you meet someone who can let you say yes, why wait? What’s more, my love Sicheng rushed to get married from the very beginning. No need to wait and see, no hesitation, he always treated me sincerely, and I never wavered.

Marriage, for Sicheng and me, is not as impulsive as a slap the head, nor is it a rush to confess love. Perhaps because of our identities, perhaps because of this fast-paced and ever-changing society, the pure love that we have is is burdened with too many speculations.

We got married because we love each other and loving each other is enough.

The strength and firmness of this love. Just like the four words that we wrote on the invitation… Crazy love for this life because only experiencing a crazy love for this life can we live up to our encounter and love.

So Sicheng took me to Tahiti, and he said, “Ya ya, this is the only place worthy of our wedding because it is pure enough.” The moment I set foot on Tahiti, I laughed, and all the little worries and worries of the girls before marriage disappeared. He understood me, understood my thoughts and our precious love.

This man, I would definitely marry, even more so he is the right person to marry!

On the night of us waiting to be married, the whole of Tahiti fell asleep.

But I remembered some scenes before I met Sicheng, the days when one person worked hard, the days when one was in a show, and the days when one was tired and went home to make a bowl of noodles in the middle of the night to catch a breath. As a girl who is also at the age for marriage, I also worried about what I would do if I don’t meet the person I want to marry. I was also asked by my relatives frequently about this. It is precisely because of the experience, that I understand.I think that if this sudden good news can help us pass on the luck of love and the positive energy of happiness to you, that would really make us happy.

To those who love me, I am happy.

Thank you Sicheng, and to the future us: let’s work hard together!

Read more about their official divorce announcement here

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