Chinese Netizens React to iQiyi’s Action Plan To “Rectify Fandom Behavior”

iQiyi announced an action plan to rectify fandom behavior. This came after the Central Cyberspace Administration of China decided to carry out a two-month special operation of “clearing the fandom chaos” across the country.

The media giant announced that it would comprehensively clean the “fandom environment” from verbal abuse, stigmatization, and instigation of fan wars.

Netizens React To iQiyi’s official Weibo announcement post:

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[+3455] You are the one who is fit to say such things? [smiley emoji]

[2642] So you’re fit [to carry this out]? You’re the real instigator

[+2564] Under [this weibo post made about] the implementation of special measures taken to “rectify the chaos in fandom circles”, there are [still] malicious rumors made by the professional antis. Do you want to delete them? It’s your job, isn’t it [surprise emoji] you don’t care? Don’t you fix want to fix them first?

[+2220] ..Are you fit?

[+1840] You’re not fit. Everyone in this comment section has been bought up by you

[+1803] The ‘professionally hired fans’ that you have brought up on Douban divulged song lyrics and even commercial contracts*, why don’t you care?

*possibly referring to sponsorship appointments

[+1614] Aren’t you the one who maliciously edited scenes of Zhao Xiaotang which caused fandom wars?

[+1571] Everyone in the comment section are the professional antis bought up by you, get them all cleaned.

[+1455] First rectify your own company’s workplace bullying and those who [create problem for celebrities out of revenge], black hearted things!

[+1370] Let’s start from this Weibo post, there are conniving fans who are fighting each other. [there are people] who purchase “anti” bulletin information to smear the image of your idols. Aren’t you also in charge of the Idol Youth entertainment management agency that bullies their idols?

[+1005] For the idols who got bullied in iQiyi’s Idol Youth Entertainment Management Agency, why didn’t you show up? The staff members on Douban who made “anti” threads, [sarcastic] threads, why aren’t they showing up? Idol Youth Entertainment Management Agency’s biased treatment of male idols and oppression of female idols, may I ask, where are your company’s representatives?

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