Ouyang Nini Revealed That She Was Bullied While Studying Abroad In France

Recently, Ouyang Nini, the elder sister of Ouyang Nana shared some of her hard experiences while studying overseas in France.

Ouyang Nini Bullying

In a series of Instagram posts, she revealed that she was 64 kilograms and was considered “fat” at that time. She also had no friends in school. She hid in the toilet as she was unable to make friends in school. She revealed that she was bullied, especially in the family that hosted her.

An instance of bullying was when was disallowed to even take a bath for more than five minutes in the host family. She was also instructed to clean the urine of the host family’s child when he peed on the floor. When she reported that she was ill, the host family complained that she was being ‘troublesome’. These experiences made many express sympathy for her.

Netizens shared comforting messages after seeing Ouyang Nini’s revelation, stating “My poor sister! Everyone must have also experienced such situations too.” “It is really brave for you to have the courage to say it. It was probably very hard for you to study abroad in France at the beginning, but at least you’ve survived it right?”

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