Yang Mi Sets Up A New Company With Her Father As A Joint Shareholder

Yang Mi was recently discovered to have set-up a new company with her father.

Yang Mi
Yang Mi

According to the Tianyan Check App, a new company known as the “Hainan Cijue Cultural Communication Partnership (Limited Partnership)” was recently established by Yang Mi and her father, Yang Xiaolin. The company is jointly held by the actress and her father.

On the company profile, her father is listed as the executive partner. The scope of the business includes radio and television program production and management, performance management, literary creation, cultural and entertainment management service, etc. 

Yang Mi and his father set up a new company

To date, Yang Mi is the shareholder of multiple ventures. She is most famously a shareholder of Jaywalk Studios, one of China’s leading management agencies. The agency boasts a strong line-up of showbiz talents, including Dilireba, Vin Zhang, Wang Yijin from Bon Bon Girls among others. Her company also achieved commercial success following the release of the locally produced drama, “Eternal Love”.

The veteran actress is not only known for her acting prowess, but also her business acumen. Fans are excited to learn what the seasoned businesswoman may have in mind next!

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