Ouyang Nini Shuts Down Younger Sister Ouyang Nana’s Plastic Surgery Rumours

Recently, old photos of Ouyang Nana during her pre-teens has resurfaced on the Internet, causing netizens to discuss about how her appearance has changed.

Netizens started to compare the photos of her during her early teens when she filmed for the drama, “Beijing Love Story” with present pictures.

In the photos, her nose appeared to be less defined as compared to recent photos where it appeared much sharper.

In response to the online rumours that Ouyang Nana underwent plastic surgery, her elder sister immediately called them out on Instagram story, saying “[I] realize these people really love to make-up stories, it makes me laugh. Now you’re they truly are the kings of storytelling.”

Netizens compare an old photo of Ouyang Nana in a movie she acted in aired in 2014 vs 2020

In a second Instagram story, Ouyang Nini also responded to a critic who claimed that Ouyang Nana also went for eyelid enhancement surgery, “And the people in the comment section even said [about her ‘eyelid surgery.’ My sister went for so many surgeries, this is something that I don’t even know, yet you all know. It’s all too funny. You guys who commented below are the kings of storytelling.”


Ouyang Nini speaks up for her younger sister Ouyang Nana against plastic surgery rumours

For some Weibo netizens, it remains a curious question as to how these netizens make their judgements. Afterall, one netizen also pointed out that the photos taken of Ouyang Nana was from the movie “Beijing Love Story” which was filmed back in 2014. At the point of filming she would have been even younger and her features would not have been fully developed yet.

Nevertheless, the strong sense of sisterhood between the two is worth our admiration and respect. We hope that baseless rumours will not continue to affect the celebrity.

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