Street Dance Of China Director Responds To Removal Of Wang Yibo’s Dance Segment Due To Copyright Issues

Street Dance Of China Director Responds To Removal Of Wang Yibo’s Dance Collection Due To Copyright Infringement

Street Dance Of China’s director responds by saying: “The show has never asked to delete or take down any video clip collections that have nothing to do with the program”. We have also translated the full Weibo statement posted by Street Dance Of China about this incident in this article.

On July 29th, Sina Entertainment reports that a netizen found out that fans posted a self made dance collection of Wang Yibo, called《Deity’s Child Is Dancing》. Netizens then realized that these fan-compiled videos of Wang Yibo were taken down.

Fan made video collections of Wang Yibo’s dancing, titled -“Deity’s Child Is Dancing”

The user who posted the video then posted a screenshot showing communication with the video platform’s customer service. Youku’s customer service replied: “After receiving Youku legal infringement document of appeal, where the responding party requested the video collection to be taken down”. This lead to a heated discussion among fans.

On July 31st, Street Dance Of China’s director responded: “The survival program Street Dance Of China has never requested to delete or remove any video clips or collections that have no relations with the program, we also do not have and should not have the right to do so.”

Street Dance Of China’s director responds to the situation

Street Dance Of China has also posted an official statement on Weibo regarding recent misunderstandings about the TV show:

“Hello friends who are following Street Dance 3:

Recently, there has been unnecessary misunderstandings caused by the rights protection of short videos of programs and users. Here are some explanations, hoping to eliminate the impact as soon as possible.

First of all, every original content is the painstaking effort of the creator and the memories of the audience. At the same time, what needs to be stated is:

1. “Street Dance Of China” is the result of the joint efforts of the four captains, dancers, Youku platform, and Shanghai Canxing Company. In regards to the protection of original content, parties involved will conduct compliant rights protection across the entire network.

2. The scope of rights protection only protects the copyright of Street Dance 3 and its derivative programs. Videos that do not involve the broadcast content of Street Dance 3 are not within the scope of rights protection, and the program team has no right to request operations such as infringement complaints and removals.

3. For the non-infringing content that was mistakenly affected by this rights protection action, we have actively communicated with our partners and restored the video content as soon as possible. At the same time, we once again express our regret and thanks to the affected users and the partners who cooperated with the recovery.

Finally, as a Street Dance 3 program group that has always cherished user support, we want to say to everyone: It has always been difficult to find a balance between creative freedom and respect for copyright, so we are also here to provide clearer short videos.
Here are some basic principles that will result in blocking of content:

1. Content involving profit-making use or exclusive rights and interests
2. More than 3 minutes of editing the pure original content, or utilizing and quoting the original content of more than 5 minutes of creative video;
3. Violating relevant laws and policies, or quoting content obtained through informal channels (including but not limited to leaked or secretly photographed content)

The above principles apply to platforms: Weibo and B site (Bilibili) Videos involving the above content will be blocked. If there are other special circumstances or adjustments, further notice will be given.

“Street Dance Of China” has always adhered to the core concept of respecting street dance culture. We thank all audiences who are willing to create and spread the show once again. We hope to work with friends who love street dance to promote street dance culture.

Thank you for your understanding and support!

“Street Dance Of China” program team
July 31, 2020″


What do you think about this situation, and what are your thoughts on this latest season of Street Dance Of China?
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