Starmaster Entertainment Denies Rumours That UNINE’s Jiayi and THE9’s Anqi Will Star In A Drama Together

Recently, netizens on Weibo have started to spread rumours that the mainland remake of the drama, “Fall in Love at First Kiss”  would be starring UNINE member Jia Yi and THE9’s leader An Qi as the male and female lead respectively.

These rumours have even manifested in the form of numerous articles on Weibo, causing fans to have high hopes for the pair.

虞书欣还没排上,安崎就有剧拍了?跟孔雪儿绯闻男友合作太尴尬UNINE member Jia Yi as pictured was rumoured to star as the male lead

虞书欣还没排上,安崎就有剧拍了?跟孔雪儿绯闻男友合作太尴尬THE9 leader Anqi, as pictured was rumoured to star as the female lead

Starmaster Entertainment which is also the management company of both idols have since responded with a Weibo post that labelled such rumours as “false”, officially putting an end to the rumours.


嘉羿方否认出演《一吻定情》Starmaster Entertainment outrightly shut down rumours, labelling the “rumoured cast” posts as “false”

We hope that fans can take note of the false rumours and not be misled by the fact of the matter.

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