Ex-CLC Member ELKIE Sings a Heart-Wrenching Song With JiLi from The Untamed Boys After Leaving The Group

Ji Li and ElLKIE have collaborated on a new song!

Ex-CLC member ELKIE collaborates with JiLi, member of Chinese boy band T.U.B.S (The Untamed Boys) after announcing her departure from K-Pop girl group CLC earlier this year.

Former CLC member ELKIE and JiLi Collaborate On A New Track, “Gave MY Heart Away”

The two surprised fans with the release of a duet track “Gave My Heart Away” along with a dark fantasy theme music video today.  

“Gave My Heart Away” is a pop ballad song lamenting the turmoil of emotions after a breakup. It portrays the painful reality of pouring your all into a love that still turns out to be too fragile to weather the storm.

Jili the Untamed
Elkie formerly from Kpop Girl group CLC
Former CLC member ELKIE

The music video features JiLi and ELKIE as the main protagonists of a dark fairytale, with elements of romance fantasy where the female protagonist wanders between dream and reality in search of the male protagonist, who also switches identity between man and cat. Following a theme of a lingering love that seems just within reach yet so far away, a fantastical love story unfolds.

Giving your heart away could happen in a spur of the moment, but making it come back tends to take some time.

“Gave My Heart Away” is now available on global streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, JOOX, KKBOX, and will be included in their debut physical album “LOVE:ONE-ACT” which is slated to release this summer.

Jili The Untamed
Ji Li best known for his portrayal of “Nie Huaisang” From The Untamed

JiLi gained recognition through his role as “Nie Huaisang” in the billion-viewed drama series “The Untamed”.

Check out the duo’s latest music video below!

 About T.U.B.S

Chinese boy group T.U.B.S (known as The Untamed Boys) was formed by Luffy Huang, the SVP of NSMGroup in 2019 after acknowledging the global sensation of The Untamed. The lineup consists of members: Yubin, Cao Yuchen, Jili, and Li Bowen.

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Elkie Chong is the former member of KPop girl group CLC. Originally from Hong Kong, she was a child-actress before joining CLC in 2016. She recently announced her departure in early 2021.

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