Tears In Heaven – Dou Xiao and Li Qin

“Tears In Heaven” (海上繁花) is a Chinese drama starring, Dou Xiao and Li Qin in the title role, with Zhang Yunlong as a special guest star. It also features supporting cast, Li Zhe Ting , Wang Ruizi , Ai Ru and other stars for the urban love story.

Tears in Heaven Chinese Drama Poster

The drama broadcasted its first episode on Mango TV, LeTV, iQiyi, Youku Video, and Tencent Video on June 23, 2021.

The drama adaptation is based off the novel titled “A dream of flowers on the sea”, which revolves around the intern reporter Du Su’s misunderstanding and prejudice against the President Leiyu Zheng, which would eventually blossom into their love story.


Title: Tears In Heaven (海上繁花) Hai Shang Fan Hua
Episodes: 41
Release Date: June 23, 2021
Film Location: Shanghai, Fujian Pingtan
Broadcasting Platforms: Mango TV, LeTV, iQiyi, Youku Video, and Tencent Video

Broadcast Schedule

Start: June 23, 2021
Frequency: 2 episodes every Wednesday to Friday
End: August 6, 2021


Tears In Heaven focuses on the life of the intern reporter, Du Xiao Su (portrayed by Li Qin). During an interview, she meets a doctor known as Shao Zhen Rong. The two fall in love with each other. However, their relationship was strongly opposed by Shao Zhen Rong’s mother.

On his way to a clinic at he mountainous area Shao Zhen Rong (portrayed by Zhang Yun Long) dies in a freak accident caused due to a mudslide while travelling with the medical team. Du Xiao Su downs herself in work to desperately get rid of the pain from the heartbreak. However, she suffers from fatigue and finally is admitted to the hospital when she fell ill.

Shao Zhen Rong’s good friend, Lei Yu Zheng (portrayed by Dou Xiao) observes Du Xiao Su’s downfall after her lover’s death and he becomes moved by Du Xiao Su’s kindness and perseverance. He decides to silently lend her his aid as she navigates through life.

The rich lady, Jiang Fan Lu, becomes dissatisfied by the actions of Lei Yu Zheng and tries with various tactics to make things difficult for Du Xiao Su at work.

Lin Xiang Yuan unites with Yutian Group opponents to find ways to frame Lei Yu Zheng so as to overtake his rival. This caused the Yutian Group to almost go into bankruptcy. Du Xiao Su manages to step into successfully expose Lin Xiang Yuan’s conspiracy.

With the help and encouragement of Du Xiao Su, Lei Yu Zheng eventually helps to revive the Yutian Group. In the process, Du Xiao Su and Lei Yu Zheng resolved the misunderstanding and prejudice that initially set them apart and start to slowly fall in love.

Cast & Characters:

Dou Xiao

dou xiao Tears In Heaven

Dou Xiao (窦骁) as Lei Yu Zheng (雷宇峥)
Cold on the outside and warm on the inside, he is a man with many abilities. He holds a successful career though his personality may be viewed as being a little arrogant and indifferent. Yet, because of his childhood experience growing up, he is a sensitive soul and hides many vulnerabilities deep in his soul. The death of Shao Zhenrong made caused him to be deeply misunderstood by Du Xiaosu. But a twist of fate sets him and Du Xiaosu on a different path. After experiencing many events with Du Xiaosu, he became moved by the kindness and perseverance of this lady. When the Yutian Group nearly became bankrupt and his father passed away, Lei Yuzheng got the help and encouragement of Du Xiaosu to get back on his feet.

Sweet Li Qin

li qin Tears In Heaven

Sweet Li Qin (李沁) as Du Xiao Su (杜晓苏)
Du Xiao Su is a fledgling designer who becomes an intern reporter after graduation. She is kind and stubborn. She is not discouraged when encountering setbacks in life and the workplace, and believes that she is the master of her own fate.

Supporting Characters

Leon Zhang Yun Long

Leon Zhang Yun Long (张云龙) as Shao Zhen Rong (邵振嵘)

Shao Zhenrong is a kind and humble surgeon. He has a cheerful personality, and is well-liked by his peers. Shao Zhen Rong and Lei Yu Zheng grew up shared their childhood years together, and are extremely good friends. He initially helped to introduce Du Xiao Su and Lei Yu Zheng to each other.

Li Ting Zhe

Li Ting Zhe (李亭哲) as Lin Xiang Yuan (林向远)
Lin Xiang Yuan was born into poverty since he was a young child. After joining the workforce straight from college, he works hard but then loses himself and his values. In order to gain a firm foothold in a large company and pursue his own self interest, he becomes enemies with Lei Yu Zheng. His actions cause Lei Yu Zheng to go to jail and the Yutian Group to become nearly bankrupt. In the end, because of Lei Yu Zheng’s generosity and tolerance, Lin Xiang Yuan finds the courage to change his ways.

Wang Ruizi

Wang Ruizi (王瑞子) as Jiang Fanlu (蒋繁绿)

As the only daughter of the rich family, she has both wealth and beauty. Due to her pampered upbringing, she develop an arrogant and self-centered mindset. She is very possessive in relationships and shared a child growing up with Lei Yuzheng and Shao Zhenrong. She has romantic feelings for Lei Yu Zheng.

Ai Ru

Ai Ru (艾如) as Zou Siqi (邹思琦)

Zou Siqi is a lively, cheerful, lively and carefree girl. More realistically, there are some differences between her values ​​from that of Du Xiaosu, who believes that love is so important to the point of being a life necessity. She takes care of Du Xiaosu and serves as her best friend. However, although she is a kind person and takes action out of good intention, she inadvertently causes trouble to Du Xiaosu at times. Zou Siqi’s romantic life also started off with some ups and downs, but only with these experiences was she able to to understand the wonderful meanings of life and to cherish the the happiness of the moments while they last.


Drama OST

Song titleSingerRemarks
Lost Lovers” 《遗失的恋人Yang JionghanTheme song, Opening song
“The smell of wind” 《风的味道》Zhang HexuanOST Music
“The Taste of Wind (Heart-warming Edition)” 《风的味道·暖心版》Wan LinglinOST Music
“Some words can only be remembered by those who listen” 《有些话只有听的人记得》Chen BingOST Music
“Transparent” 《透明》Zhao HanjunEnding song
“Want to have someone” 《想要有一个人》Jing XinyanOST Music
“If Only···” 《If Only···》Fu YaoOST Music

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